The mutual argument between Bo Nagar and Pencilo; Tens of soldiers from both sides died in the battle in Thantlang

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – August 29 Scenes

MoeMaKa, August 30, 2023

The mutual argument between Bo Nagar and Pencilo; Tens of soldiers from both sides died in the battle in Thantlang


The mutual argument and personal attacks between the leader of the PDF group that emerged from the locals, organized under the name Myanmar Royal Dragon Army (MRDA), in Pale and Yinmarbin Townships of Sagaing Division, and Pencilo, a recognized fund-raiser of the National Unity Government, are currently a political topic that is being talked about online on social media. The mutual statements, such as Bo Nagar’s statement that the MRDA has not yet received enough funds from the NUG government’s Ministry of Defense and Pencilo’s statement that the NUG government has already given nearly $1 million in support to the MRDA, have been written and broadcast as news on social media and some news outlets almost every day this week. The leader of MRDA, Bo Nagar, has been broadcasting live on Facebook and giving explanations every day. We also see differences of opinion between supporters of the Spring Revolution. A few months after the coup, defense forces appeared in the townships of Sagaing Division, starting with hand-made Tuu Mee. It included a MRDA group led by Bo Nagar from Pale Township. At that time, the NUG’s People’s Defense Forces (PaKaFa) had not yet emerged, as had the People’s Administration (PaAFa). Now, LPDF, or Local People’s Defense Forces, had been organized by local people since that early period. Some of them have come under the command of NUG, and some of them have stood on their own. According to explanations, the Myanmar Royal Dragon Army in Pale stood on their own and later received some support from the NUG. Last year, Bo Nagar sent a letter to the Ministry of Defense of the NUG and disclosed it to the news media regarding the issue of money to purchase weapons. Recently, MRDA’s 4 battalions were informed that the NUG would no longer support them and that they would continue to move on their own, leading to the mutual talks and explanation.


Bo Nagar is a well-spoken person in media relations and public relations, and is a person who speaks politely and indirectly to achieve the desired goal, so there are many people who support him and stand by him. On the other hand, the NUG government and the Ministry of Defence, the MOD, should directly communicate and resolve what happened in the incident, and explain to the public how the matter was resolved through the news media. There was no explanation by NUG’s relevant ministry, MOD, and instead Pencilo, who is well-known for finding support funds, took the side of NUG and clarified it through social media. It seems that a systematic organization does not solve the problem properly in a legal way. Some of the topics are issues that should be resolved through direct communication between the person responsible for NUG and Bo Nagar, and that are not appropriate to explain to the public. It is not appropriate to reveal in front of the public about who gave, how much, and how. On the other hand, it is like informing the enemy about the way the NUG, MOD, and Bo Nagar are doing things, and the security information is breached. We should stop trying to solve this situation from the ground up immediately, and the best situation to communicate and solve it directly is now.


It is reported in today’s news that an intense battle broke out in the uninhibited Thantlang in central Chin State when the Chin National Front and CDF (Hakha) jointly attacked the military council’s battalions and some areas where they were stationed. Since September 2021, when fighting started in the town, Thantlang has been burned by the military council troops, which turned it from a town with a population of more than 10,000 people into a deserted one. However, the military council battalions are still based near this town and are setting fire to the houses and buildings in the towns that have been deserted for a long time and those left by residents out of fear for their lives. On the 28th of this month, when the CNF and CDF (Hakha) attacked, the military council retaliated with the help of airstrikes, resulting in 11 deaths from the Chin National Front and Chin Defense Forces and at least 20 from the military council side. Because the Chin National Front (CNF), which has been formed for decades among the Chin people in Chin State, is headquartered on the Indian border in Thantlang Township, the military council may have given importance to the attack on the town. After the coup, Thantlang was the first town to be completely evacuated and the most damaged. Although Chin State is not so attractive in terms of resources or geographical position, due to its border with India and the vast amount of land, it is estimated that the military council will try to control Chin State with military force. On the other hand, mountainous highways are a single communication route, and the necessity of using the one-way highway that connects to some cities is a military weakness for the military council. The fact that it is in a position where the Chin defense forces can easily intercept the military convoys and attack them has caused a lot of damage to the military council troops.