Some villagers were killed and injured due to the battle in Shwe Ku Township and explosion in Yangon

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – September 23 Scenes
MoeMaKa, September 24 2022

Some villagers were killed and injured due to the battle in Shwe Ku Township and explosion in Yangon

In today’s news on September 23, there is news that 4 passers-by were injured in a remote-controlled bombing of the junta’s security outpost at Yangon’s Thamine intersection. There were also reports that some villagers, including an 11-year-old child, were killed in Moe Sit Village in Shwe Ku Township, which was believed to have been shot with heavy artillery by the military council.

According to news reports, two urban guerrilla forces active in Yangon, FLA and EGA, bombed a 2-story brick building where the junta soldiers and the police were guarding, at the intersection of Thamine Road in Mayangone Township, Yangon, injuring 4 pedestrians.

The intersection of Insein Road and Kyaikwine Pagoda Road is a crowded area, and the explosion happened in the afternoon, so pedestrians were injured in the blast and it was not known whether soldiers from the military security guard were injured.

The military council’s outpost at this Thamine intersection has been bombed frequently, at least three times since the military coup. Members of the military council and the police were also affected. At one point, an explosion occurred next to the city market on the opposite side, injuring a person delivering food on a bicycle. This time, pedestrians were injured.

In a city like Yangon, the majority of people don’t own cars and can’t take chartered taxis. People mainly rely on buses, and when explosions occur at bus stops, bus passengers are usually injured.

It is true that urban guerrilla groups carry out bombing attacks in order to destabilize the administration of the military council and not to get the image that the military council has good control over the cities, but it is also necessary to be aware of the risk that the public’s support may decrease if civilian casualties occur frequently. It is also said that the group that carried out the attack has issued an apology on their Facebook page and that they will receive appropriate punishment after the revolution is over.

A few days ago, some pedestrians who were waiting to board a bus were injured in an explosion near the bus stop and near the municipal police station on Kamaryut Central Road.

Another piece of news today is that some villagers in Moe Sit Village in Shwe Ku Township were killed and seriously injured after being hit by artillery shells believed to have been fired by the military council.

When the KIA and the locally formed PDF attacked the military council troops that crossed the Irrawaddy River, the military council suffered damage, and when they fired artillery shells back into the village, an 11-year-old child was killed on the spot, and according to some reports, 2 more villagers were also killed. In total, at least 4 people were hit by bullets, cutting off their legs and feet and hitting them in the back and head, according to news reports.

KIA and PDF joint attacks against the military council troops in regions of Kachin State bordering the upper part of Sagaing Division are taking place on a wide scale. There are frequent clashes in regions such as Kawlin, Wuntho, Kantbalu, Katha, Inn Daw and Shwe Ku.

After the NUG government declared a state of emergency on September 7 of last year and, in common terms, called on the people to launch simultaneous attacks towards the military council, attacks on the cities of Yangon and Mandalay, as well as in the Karenni State, Karen State, Sagaing Division and Chin State, increased. Looking back more than a year after the announcement, we see more bombings than shootings in the city, and battles and ambushes are still taking place in the towns and villages. We have not yet seen the ability to control the area and expand it into a liberated area, but we can see that it is right now in a position where they can cause a lot of disturbances and casualties for the military council.  The military council has once again opened a war front in Rakhine state, and there is a possibility that armed conflicts will escalate in many regions of Rakhine State.