Myanmar Spring Chronicle – June 15 Scenes

(MoeMaKa) June 16 2022

The time we woke up with the loss of many people’s lives

In the morning, when we read the news, we always see the news about arson of villages, murder of locals almost everyday.

Look at today’s news, the news about the murder of 5 people including a CDM head principal, teachers and a nurse by the junta while raiding the PDF base in Yesagyo Township is mentioned at the top. They were 3 women and 2 men. Among them, 4 of 5 people were educational and healthcare staffs before the coup and then they participated in CDM and they were the active members of Northern-Yesagyo (N-YSO) guerrilla force.

Their bodies were found burnt and we don’t know the exact event. The news stated that one of the women was in 5 months pregnancy. The news also said that after the junta convoy was mined by Northern-Yesagyo guerrilla force at dawn about 3 AM, the junta troops raided the village and killed .

It can be said that it is usual for the news about the torture and murder of civilians as PDF suspects and their supporters in Magway Division, Sagaing Division and Karenni State.

This is the revenge of junta troops when there are many causalities after they are mined (road side bomb attack) and attacked by PDF during the invasion into the villages.

The cruel acts like torturing and murdering of PDFs and PDF suspects are becoming the normal processes and the destruction of villages and the confiscation of property are being carried out as if they have permission to destroy enemy property.

The worst-affected areas are Sagaing Division and northern Magway Division. The villagers from hundreds of villages have to flee for their lives unable to carry their properties along with them and had to sleep in the forest, losing their houses, rice and  crops such as pulses and sesame. They have to relocate in accordance with the junta movements.

In previous days’ news, the Prime Minister of NUG, Mann Win Khaing Than urged to find ways to solve the problems of the arson attacks occurring in Sagaing and Magway Divisions. This becomes hope like a thread of straw to hold for the people who are suffering but there is still no exact answer for how to do.

From the military point of view, using the uproot system like the destruction of  houses committed by Myanmar regime is showing that the military council is falling to its lowest political point. On the other hand, this is an important responsibility for anti-military dictatorship, pro- democracy armed activists to protect the people supporting them at a time like this.

I think it is necessary to consider strategically and tactically for PDF named for “People Defense Force” to protect people’s lives and their properties.

 It is necessary to reconsider the strategies and give priority to minimizing the impact on the villagers, like let the battle occur near the villages or away from the villages? let the bases of the PDF armed forces locate near the villages or away from the villages?

In assessing the current situations, it needs to consider for PDF to base near the village  or in the village to protect the villages or to get enforcement (food and manpower) and the consequences would be the destruction of the villages, murdering of the villagers by junta troops if they are attacked and mined near the villages.

So, it should be considered for PDF to base in remote areas before they have enough manpower and armed power to protect the villages. As for the other option, it can be considered to attack the junta after making allies between PDF from each village as a large coalition force in one area.

It is important for locals to make a living for their survival and to support PDF in the long term. I think it should be anticipated that if locals couldn’t survive anymore, it would be hard for PDF to survive.