E. Books and I by Junior Win

(photo – When I read a book by holding with my both hands, I could feel confident. I felt this book belongs to me.) 
My friends suggested me reading e-books by Tablet. Tablet was the name when I heard for the first time, I thought tablet meant a pill or a dose? Later I realised that it was also known as a i-pot or i-book or e-book,etc.
It was a portable device. I saw it from my friend for the first time. It looked like a perpendicular whiteboard with the height  of about 6 inches and 12 inches of length. It’s depth was very tiny. My friend said it could store the documents, books and photos. If the old books could not be found in the book shops, find in the internet and keep them in Tablet by downloading.
Any Suggestions!
But my cousin said it was not easy to get ebooks from the internet in my country. By the way, there were many free ebooks in online. The Tablet could be used as an i-book as well as mobile phone. He suggested that I would try to download free e-books into my mobile first. If it is convenient for me, I will use Tablet instead of mobile for reading books later.
I downloaded some free e-books from the internet into my mobile. I chose ‘Moby Dick’ to read first. My screen was too small. But I could enlarge the font size. I could read page by page. There was no need to hold a postcard at the page where I reached. The system of mobile saved my record. It seemed good. But I could not remember or I could not recall the story in detail. The pages were running fast. When I read a book(not e-book) by holding with my both hands, I could feel confident. I felt this book belongs to me. But now I felt this e-book was not mine. It belongs to everyone.
I remembered my aunt who stayed in Taiwan did not like the photos which were saved in the computer. When she received my photos sent by email, she asked me to send them by air mail instead of emailing. She did not even know how to download the photos or save in her computer. She said the photos in the computer seemed did not belong to her. I was angry what she said. In this modern world, sending photos by e-mail is how easy and quickly. Sending by air mail is a busy work. Our post office was very far from our house. I thought she wanted me to be busy with such an unimportant thing? I was not patient enough to do for her any more. My aunt also did not like reading the letter in e-mail. She said our hand writings were more warm and made her happy. She prefered the postcards by air mail too. My mother had the same idea as her sister too.
I thought deeply about e.books. Yes, it lacked something that did not easy to explain. I received many e.postcards for my BD last year, but I did not have considered them printed out and kept them for me. Now I was thinking where I could find them to remember? At my email lists?
I sometimes read e-books, but I could not feel happy by reading from my mobile. It was not because of my mobile’s screen was too small.I thought at first the people would try many different ways to fit in the modern world. If not, the developing ideas or plans could made us more and more uncomfortable. It might lead to the e.revolution one day as industrial revolution. If the e.revoultion will happen one day and our world becomes e.world or our heart becomes e.heart?