Global and Myanmar Affairs Amid Decades of Turmoil

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – October 23 Developments
MoeMaKa, October 24, 2023

Global and Myanmar Affairs Amid Decades of Turmoil

When discussing world affairs, it is pertinent to analyze Myanmar’s situation against the backdrop of global events, particularly when the country is grappling with its own challenges.

Recent global events indicate a shift away from upholding liberal democratic standards, human rights, and freedom of expression. Powerful countries are prioritizing self-interest protection, economic blockades, and military buildup, sidelining democratic values. Leaders emphasizing nationalism, military strength, and punishing rival nations are gaining prominence globally. The majority’s security is often prioritized over minority rights, contributing to a balance of power where national security takes precedence.

In this era, supporting arms to nations eager for conflict and encouraging armed battles are more common than large-scale conventional wars like World War I and II. Propaganda wars and economic sanctions have become tools to promote armed conflicts, even without direct military engagement.

Not every elected government worldwide adheres to democratic principles, human rights, and minority rights. The geopolitical landscape is evolving, challenging the optimistic outlook of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

The Ukraine-Russia war and conflicts in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine have global repercussions. Major powers, like the United States and the United Kingdom, intervene based on their strategic interests. The world is no longer as optimistic as it once was about liberal political concepts, human rights, and global connectivity.

As Myanmar faces internal struggles between military dictatorship and democracy, the global context affects the support Myanmar receives. The complexities of world affairs may limit specific encouragement and support for Myanmar. It’s crucial not to compromise human rights standards, minority rights, and the primacy of justice over results in navigating these global dynamics. Ideological and conceptual revolutions are equally essential alongside the fight against dictatorial systems and military rule.