Sagaing and Karenni regions, where military activity does not halt even during the cyclone

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – May 21 Scenes

MoeMaKa, May 22 2023

Sagaing and Karenni regions, where military activity does not halt even during the cyclone

Since the end of the first week of early May, people in Rakhine State were warned to prepare for preventive measures from the danger of strong winds, according to weather forecasts that a natural disaster storm may enter western Myanmar. However, in some areas of Chin State, Magway Division and Sagaing Division, although they knew roughly about the risk of heavy rain, they could not prepare properly.

They predicted the dangers of heavy rains in southern Chin State, northern Magway Division, and Sagaing Division, flooding of houses and farms from overflowing mountain creeks, and damage to houses due to strong winds. But residents from Sagaing Division were in a situation to pay more attention to fleeing war than the danger of heavy rains and floods because both sides were watching out for each other’s military situations, and the military council continued to carry out military operations such as raids, burning of houses, and destroying them as part of a territorial clearance operation.

In Matupi and Mindat, southern Chin State, the storm struck while the military council troops and CDF, local defense forces, were watching out for each other. It is said that a lot of houses and stored food were destroyed, and the roads connecting one town to another were blocked by landslides. It is in a situation where no one from outside is allowed to collect data and help with the aid needed in these areas.

On one hand, the military council is trying to show off the domestic and international community that they are helping the Rakhine State, which was severely damaged by the natural disaster. On the other hand, they are launching intense offensive battles in Khin-U, Kani, Depayin, and Kanbalu in Sagaing Region and in Demoso and Mobye in Karenni State.

Residents from villages in Yinmarbin and Kani Townships in Sagaing Division are evacuating from strong winds and heavy rains caused by the natural disaster. At the same time, they are fleeing due to the offensive and raids of the military council troops. The military council ordered his armed forces to raid and clear the villages in order to gain a military advantage regardless of natural disasters such as heavy rain or strong wind. The military council has sent some of its armed forces to Rakhine to clear the ruins in order to reestablish transportation. It is believed that the military council is working simultaneously on the restoration of political power and storm relief in order to regain control of its regional administration.

On the other hand, they are working to continue attacking the PDF nonstop in the Karenni and Sagaing regions.

For the people of Myanmar, not only do they have to escape from the danger of civil war, but they also suffer from the terrible cyclone, which is a natural disaster. So, they are in a situation where they are suffering from unfortunate events one after another.

In some countries, there have been instances of armed conflict between domestic political forces and armed forces being halted from attacking and killing for a while when a natural disaster strikes, either for preparation to overcome the danger of the natural disaster or as an opportunity to discuss and find a solution to the armed conflict. However, in Myanmar, there seems to be no chance of becoming one of these examples, and it is clear that the military council has seen the natural disaster as an opportunity to attack and demolish the opponent’s armed forces.