Peace Talk in Mongla ended in 2 days; Armed battle in the town of Kyainseikgyi

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – June 03 Scenes

MoeMaKa, June 04, 2023

Peace Talk in Mongla ended in 2 days; Armed battle in the town of Kyainseikgyi

Peace Talk, which 3 members of the Northern Alliance and the Peace Making Committee of the military council agreed to be held from June 1st to the 3rd, reportedly ended in 2 days. There was no official announcement of the reason, but the military council stated in general terms that it was about the issue of multi-party democratic elections and the building of democracy which is what they wanted to discuss. As for the 3 members of Northern Alliance, the news reported that they are discussing the release of the detainees, the Mocha Cyclone relief issue, and the cancellation of the illegal declaration.

Some of the ethnic armed groups have stated that they participated in the talk because of China’s encouragement. Based on China’s statement, one news source said that China had to arrange it because of the request of 3 ethnic armed groups.

The Wa group, the Mongla group and the SSPP did not participate in the discussion because they already had discussions with the military council in Nay Pyi Taw.

Among the 7 members of Northern Alliance, the KIA/KIO, a group that has been providing significant support to the NUG and PDF armed forces, did not participate in the talks. The military council’s strategy was to try to prevent the ethnic armed groups from joining the armed attacks of the NUG and PDF, providing weapons, selling weapons, and helping them with military training. On the other hand, KIA is already involved in providing military training, weapons and military tactics to PDFs in Sagaing Region, Magway Region and some areas of Mandalay Region.

As for the Wa group, no evidence has yet been found that it is involved in NUG and PDF activities. The Wa group is the most powerful and well-established among the ethnic armed groups, and is in a position to deal with China in terms of territory and cross-connections, and it seems that they are working carefully so as not to affect their current position.

One of the situations that the military council is most concerned about is the situation where the NUG and PDF will be linked with ethnic armed organizations and engage in armed conflict simultaneously. We could easily say that it was an attempt to keep the ethnic armed forces neutral. The military council will certainly try as long as it has the power to prevent this kind of situation from emerging, and the ethnic armed forces will only be able to work together with NUG and PDF if they trust and want a true federal union.

The next news topic for today is the news of intense fighting in the town of Kyainseikgyi in Karen State.

In recent days, KNU and joint forces have been attacking the immigration office, general administration office, police station, and courts in Kyainseikgyi, Karen State, and there have been reports of civilian casualties. During the battle on June 1, a monk was killed and some civilians were injured due to the fall of heavy artillery fired by the military council. On June 2, a residential house was reportedly hit by a heavy weapon, and 4 civilians were injured. It is not yet clear whether KNU is aiming to take over the town of Kyainseikgyi, which borders Mon State.