More and more attacks on police stations & Open season with more military attacks

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – April 04 Scenes

MoeMaKa, April 05 2023

More and more attacks on police stations & Open season with more military attacks

Among the battle news these days, there are frequent reports of PDF forces targeting junta police stations. Recently, attacks on Ma Au police station in Yesagyo Township and Kan Ye Village’s police station in Gangaw Township, and before those, an attack on Sadaung Village’s police station in Sagaing Township by Local PDFs were reported in the news.


The military council has been deploying military outposts and police stations regionally for administration and territorial control. Some of the police stations in the towns were attacked, and since the police stations of the village groups and villages are not able to be protected by the attack force of the military council, it is assumed that the PDFs targeted these police stations. Also, because if they can invade or seize the police station by attacking, they can get weapons and ammunition, so it may be that they are targeting police stations that are poorly prepared, unlike military outposts and military bases.


There have also been incidents where weapons were not seized during attacks on some police stations. Some of the attacks were reported to have defeated the police and junta soldiers protecting the camp and captured some weapons and ammunition.

In Myanmar, there are police stations at the township, station, town, and village levels. PDF Forces are established in almost every region, and battles are taking place everywhere. When they attack, things that had not previously occurred, such as the police stations and the military council attacking together, as well as the police station requesting the help of the military council troops, occur. As for the PDFs, they are purchasing weapons through donations in order to arm all their comrades. When the attacks on police stations are successful, weapons can be seized, so they are targeting police stations more.

In other news for today, there are reports that the villages on the Chin State border north of Kalay Town in Sagaing Division are being patrolled and fighting is taking place. Based on Kalay, the villages between Kalay and Gangaw, the roads connecting Kalay and central and northern Chin State are also important for the armed forces, as well as the military council. So they are trying to take control over these areas because Kalay is the entrance to enter Chin State by land.

After the coup, the first armed resistance attacks were in Mindat and Kalay, and it is seen that the military council is not able to properly control the mountainous areas of Chin State, where local experts have the upper hand due to the nature of the area.

As for today’s other fighting news, there is the news that some villagers were killed by a junta column on the side of Tigyaing Township, and the news that military council troops entered a village in Kawkareik Township and burned about 10 houses. Since last week, in Asia Road, Thingannyinaung, Kawkareik Township, and Kyondoe Township in Karen State, the Kawthoolei Army, Klo Htoo Baw Army, and PDF have jointly attacked and destroyed military council based camps and trade zones.

In the open season, fighting is expanding in Karenni State, Karen State, Sagaing Division and northern Magway Division. It is estimated that it will continue to be severe for the next 2 months until the rainy season.