Residents from townships in Sagaing Division are fleeing due to the marching of military council columns

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – February 26 Scenes

MoeMaKa, February 27 2023

Residents from townships in Sagaing Division are fleeing due to the marching of military council columns

These days, there are reports that tens of thousands of local residents are fleeing their homes due to the military council’s invasion of many villages in Khin-U, Taze, and Myinmu Townships of Sagaing Division.

In Khin-U Township, thousands of residents from 8 villages and over 10,000 residents from 19 villages in Taze Township have fled their homes. In Myinmu Township and Ayadaw Township, there were also reports that the military council troops raided villages and burned down hospitals and schools.

In early February, after the extension of the term of the military council by 6 months and the declaration of martial law, I noticed that the military council troops have been continuously raiding villages in Sagaing Division, where the PDFs are assumed to be based, and burning houses, monasteries, etc.

In Sagaing Division, as soon as the military council heard about the news that the PDF forces lived or had bases, they immediately raided villages, burning and destroying the buildings, and arresting, torturing, and killing those suspected of being PDF members. Over the past year and a half, the military council has committed hundreds or even thousands of killings, burning down tens of thousands of houses, and hundreds of tortures in Sagaing Division. Villages in the entire Sagaing Division that focus on agriculture are facing a situation where it is increasingly difficult for the villagers to continue to survive under the current situation. When they flee their homes because of the danger to their lives, they also face the burning of their houses. When the houses they have lived in for many years are set on fire, not only the houses, but also the rice that they have harvested and left for sustenance are often burned, so the locals in this area experience the worst situation of their lives.

The news of the killing of civilians and the destruction of houses in Sagaing Division is becoming common news, but they are still happening every day. Residents living in villages and towns in Sagaing Division are being forced to pay a high price in support of PDFs by the military council. The military council seems unaware of the fact that this tactic of theirs is not successful, and is topping up the grievances and hatred of people, resulting in more participation in the resistance war of the spring revolution with more determination.

Injustice, general punishment of irrelevant and innocent civilians, and the commission of war crimes resulted in a loss bet for the military council.