People on silent strike with military rule on one side and interim administration on the other

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – February 02 Scenes
MoeMaKa, February 03 2023

People on silent strike with military rule on one side and interim administration on the other

On February 2, the military council announced that martial law had been declared in “non-normal” townships.

Martial law has been declared in 37 townships across four divisions and four states. It includes 11 townships in Sagaing Division, 5 townships in Magway Division and Bago Division each, 2 townships in Tanintharyi Division, 7 townships in Chin State, 1 township in Mon State, 2 townships in Karen State and 4 townships in Kayah State. It can be said that these are the areas where the military council is increasing the use of air force and military violence and the people are defending themselves hard.


On February 1st, NUG Minister of Defense U Yee Mon said in his speech to the PDF soldiers that they have now established 303 Battalions of the PDF Tatmadaw and the People’s Defense Forces (PaKaHpa) in 260 townships. It can be said that the military council has taken steps to respond to military rule if the People’s Defense Forces have started to invade more than 260 townships. It can be said that the military council had accepted reality at the end of 2 years of the Spring Revolution.


“In 2023, in order to carry out the revolution more and more, in the administration, the township people’s administrative bodies were formed last year, and the district people’s administrative bodies were able to be formed. The sacrifices and efforts of those who lead the revolution on the ground are the strength of all,” Minister Dr. Tu Hkawng said on Radio NUG.


On the one hand, the military council extended the term by 6 months to continue ruling the country under military rule, but on the other hand, it cannot be denied that they are trying to hold 2023 election in order to eliminate the results of the 2020 election. Because instructions and guidelines have been issued for the political parties, the political parties that are standing in the country will have to decide at some point whether they will continue according to the military council or suspend their positions. The military council itself is able to tighten and expand the laws and policies in its hands like a rubber band, so the fortunes of the domestic parties that are like water in their hands can be said to be bleaker than in the days of Thein Sein’s military regime in 2010.


It was announced that CRPH, which is an important part of the Spring Revolution, was able to hold the meeting of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw before 2 years of the 2020 election results. According to the news, the number of MPs in attendance was 237, which was more than 58%. On February 2, at 10:00 a.m., the third and final session of the fifth Union Hluttaw was held online. The fact that a parliament is functioning with political parties on the election and parliamentarians is revealed as a symbolic sign of a component of the Spring Revolution. Observers comparing the characteristics of the military council’s so-called NDSC meeting point out that the military leaders are politically weak and the military dictatorship is strong, and it is clear that they lack public support.


The complete lack of public support on the part of the military council was already evident in the success of the silent strike on the 2nd anniversary of the Spring Revolution. The overwhelming silence of the entire country is symbolic proof that the Myanmar people do not want a military council at all. It can be said that it also shows that those who are closest to the military council because they could not get through them, are also participating in a silent strike. Although all the people themselves do not support, oppose and are fighting the military dictator from every corner, I think the revolutionary leaders and forces will understand that some people have limited action on the revolution due to concern for their lives and fear.