CNF and its alliance forces attacked and seized the police station in Thantalang

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – February 09 Scenes
MoeMaKa February 10 2023

CNF and its alliance forces attacked and seized the police station in Thantalang

More than a year after it was set on fire at the end of October 2021, the police station of the city, which had been left by its residents, was attacked and seized by the CNF and the local defense forces named the Thantlang Joint Force.It is believed that in early February, CNF and Thantlang joint forces attacked and seized the Thantlang police station, arresting some police officers and junta soldiers and holding the station.

Here, the military council attacked and destroyed the town and set houses on fire, so the entire town with tens of thousands of people has been fleeing for years.

Recently, the military council’s planes bombed Camp Victoria, the CNF headquarters. After that, the CNF and Thantlang joint forces attacked and seized the police station in Thantlang, where the junta troops were stationed.

Chin State was the first to start a battle in response to the military council’s coup, and the Mindat region was the first to attack military council troops with Tuu Mee. Within a few months of the military coup, the military council troops in southern Chin State encountered unexpected resistance.

Because of the area’s location, the high mountains, and communication and transportation conditions that rely on only one road, the military council troops were defenseless, and the local defense forces were able to effectively harm and attack the military council convoys by using it as an advantage.

After some fighting broke out in Thantlang in October 2021, the town was set on fire again, and the entire Thantlang town, home to over ten thousand people, was destroyed. More than a year after the incident, Thantlang town, where the residents left, has been under control by the military council troops. Thantlang will remain as a symbol of the destruction by the military council and as a big wound in the history of Chin State.

Another piece of news for today is the news that 3 ethnic armed groups; AA, TNLA, and MNDAA, have said that they will continue to help the revolutionary forces. It also means that the Rakhine ethnic armed group, the Ta’ang (Palaung) ethnic armed group and the Kokang ethnic armed group will help the PDF groups. In the past 2 years, AA and TNLA have also provided military training and weapon assistance to the PDF groups. Although there was no joint attack between armed groups such as the KIA, KNU and PDF groups, they provided assistance to the People’s Defense Forces in Sagaing Division, northern Magway Division and Chin State.

The help of the ethnic armed forces is important in overthrowing the military dictatorship in Myanmar. In other words, the consolidation of forces against the military dictatorship can greatly affect the outcome of the battle.

Another special piece of news is that Nay Pyi Taw announced on the February 9 that U Tin Yu, the ambassador of the Military Council, was accepted by the United Arab Emirates. On February 6, the Myanmar ambassador handed this to the Vice President in the UAE capital.

According to the news behind it, the military junta is preparing to transfer their assets to Middle Eastern countries due to financial and investment difficulties in Asia. It is also a news story about the expansion of diplomatic activities during the military council.

Radio NUG has reported on the military council’s step in this manner:

“… due to the blocking of the bank accounts of military-related businesses from Singapore and Thailand, the military council is said to have secretly sent Saudi Ambassador U Tin Yu, who was recently appointed as joint ambassador, and members of the embassy to the UAE and established a diplomatic relationship in order to transfer their assets to the UAE. Recently, it has been confirmed that the UAE government has approved the official embassy of the military council in the UAE. It is reported that the Golding Land Travel Agency is assisting in the opening of the embassy. …”