Will there be an escalation in both politics and the military?

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – December 20 Scenes
MoeMaKa, December 21 2022

Will there be an escalation in both politics and the military?


Governments and legislatures pay off the end-of-year work debt near the end of 2022.Just finishing up the remaining work. Members of the US Congress’s upper and lower houses are also to be replaced for next session. As a result of the 2022 mid-term elections, the number of MPs from the two parties fluctuated, so they confirmed decisions to be approved before the next term of Parliament. Among these, decisions on Myanmar’s issues were also included in their National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The UN also pushed Myanmar’s issues forward on their agenda. Europe also expressed and signaled actions on the issues of Myanmar in their schedule. It is a sign that the NUG and the Spring Revolutionary forces have been recognized.


As for ASEAN, they have started to express and exert pressure on Myanmar’s affairs after marching through their schedules and elections. It is said that politicians and military leaders in Thailand have discussed the unrest on the Thai-Myanmar border in regional conferences.


Some sources said they met with middle ranking leaders of the Myanmar military council. It can be said that every foreign government that borders Myanmar is taking their steps by monitoring the changes and group positioning regarding the control of the territory in the border trade. It can be seen in neighboring countries’ considerations about the extent and impact of the Spring Revolutionary forces.

Money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog, Financial Action Task Force (FATF), put Myanmar on the blacklist in October, and financial activities in Myanmar have been limited. In an interview with Radio NUG and U Kyaw Htay Oo, who was recently released from the hands of the military council, he said that due to FATF, the legal flow of money in Myanmar’s currency circulation and trade will be restricted.

An example is – IFC withdrew from Roma Bank after learning of the bank’s business dealings with terrorist military companies. On December 20th, Justice For Myanmar reported about that. It confirmed through a source close to the business that the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) is about to withdraw its investment in Roma Bank.


Militarily, the sources analyzed that the general administration has been destroyed in almost all the towns and villages in Myanmar, except for a few big cities such as Naypyidaw and Yangon. Sagaing is said to be in the worst situation and suffers from the most internet data blockade. The military council soldiers and the police themselves live in their barracks with barricades in the city. It is said that they can only go out for the military if there is an emergency and even in such a situation, they can only go out with protection. It is analyzed that most of the outposts and camps outside the city are those of Local PDFs and PDF Battalions of the NUG.


It is said that people are struggling hard for the survival of their lives in the midst of insecurity and are relying upon the connections and links of the revolutionary forces. According to some local sources, although Pyu Saw Htee groups and their villages were mutually dependent on the military, they could switch sides at any time for their own survival.



Therefore, there were comments about the constant monitoring on the mass migrations in rural and urban administrations and that some migrant groups carrying their own weapons were making their moves according to the situation of the region rather than their loyalty on what side.


For the next year, the governments of various countries are preparing for policy and action to be taken upon Myanmar’s issue by discussing and analyzing it in addition to their own affairs. I hope that Myanmar people and revolutionary forces are already preparing for discussions and decisions that will lead to a resolution for the coming year.