Atrocious foolish Myanmar dictator disappointed even by an authoritarian leader

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – December 14 Scenes
MoeMaKa, December 15 2022

Atrocious foolish Myanmar dictator disappointed even by an authoritarian leader


The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, who is currently in Brussels, Belgium, said that Myanmar’s political crisis could last another five years, which would be one of the first statements in terms of timing and forecasting the difficulty of Myanmar’s political problem.


For Myanmar’s political organizations, this comment is not a good one. The NUG forces, the PDFs, who are fighting for victory in one or two years, will believe that such a prediction was made because Hun Sen was unaware of the situation of forces in Myanmar. 


As for the ethnic armed groups that have been fighting for decades by means of armed, I don’t think there will be any feeling about such a prediction because they do not have any hope of winning tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, like the PDFs of the NUG that were formed last year. For them, because they have had to fight successively with the Fasapala (Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League) government that arose on the mainland, the socialist government, the hypocritical junta, the junta again, and the pro Tatmadaw governments in 2010 where the military generals formed a party and won the election by arms for a long time, I believe the prediction that it will take 5 years will come as no surprise. 


Hun Sen is not a leader of democratic government, and rather than being a military dictator, he rules and consolidates his power through successive elections as if it were a one-party system, arresting or deporting dissidents in various ways. During the 4-5 years that the Khmer Rouge ruled, he was one of the leaders taking part in overthrowing the Pol Pot dictator who committed the unbelievable massacres, with the help of Vietnam. Having overthrown a dictator who had turned the country into a heap of skeletons, he was a semi-authoritarian ruler with an elected system. So, his experience gave him an insider’s knowledge of political filth and brutality, having sometimes practiced it himself.


In Hun San’s words, we can see that he considered Myanmar military leaders as those who continue acting like foolish people even though the country is falling into the abyss. In the middle of the year, he made a comment implying that he might not be able to do anything if the stakeholders themselves were not concerned about the Myanmar issue. This comment is that a dictator like Hun Sen spoke in such a way that he was disappointed with the cruel and foolish dictators in Myanmar. As Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen made his country impossible for the opposition leaders to stay in power before the election and when some leaders fled abroad, he took advantage of the situation and used various methods to maintain power so that he could win the election. Before the election, he often does monitoring and suppression of opposition party politicians, arresting reporters of radio stations and newspapers that cover the political activities of opposition party members, and revoking the license of the news station. Needless to say, journalists in Cambodia have experienced such situations many times and are used to them.


As for the actual situation in Myanmar, the political crisis is taking place in the form of armed conflicts. The military council does not want a cessation of armed conflicts or a political solution. Also, the NUG and PDF armed organizations do not want to hold peace talks or ceasefire talks under the slogan that there is no discussion in blood debt.


Due to the nature of armed conflicts, it is a situation that can last for a year, so the NUG/PDF will have to have a long-term strategy to overthrow the military council or military dictatorship system. Victory will need to be based on long-term strategic planning and organizing rather than tomorrow or the next day’s predictions.