What will they do for anarchy and defenseless civilians?

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – November 03 Scenes
MoeMaKa, November 04 2022

What will they do for anarchy and defenseless civilians?

A news article in November was written like this:

“…In November, Acting President Duwa Lashi La added the following in the congratulatory speech for the 600th day of the Yinmarbin-Salingyi multi-village strike…”

“We can’t give any sort of political way out to the wicked Myanmar military, which is conducting arson attacks on villages and committing killings every day. Similarly, we have to make sure there is no way out for them militarily. Abolishing the military dictatorship mechanism and eradicating the group of military dictators are the common goals of Myanmar’s spring revolution.”

Within one year of the spring revolution, at least 20,000 members of the terrorist military were killed in the resistance war. At present, the military council is planning to hold the 2023 election as a political exit.


In rural areas, the military and Pyuu Saw Htees are torching the villages, killing local residents and looting the properties every day. This shows that it is already becoming part of the daily life of the Myanmar people in rural areas.


As I wrote in yesterday’s Spring Chronicle – “…There is not only news of battles, arrests, civilian killings and the torching of houses. In recent months, crime news has become a daily news article. The news of robbing and killing people in their homes, robbing houses in which elderly people or only one or two people are living, robbing people on low-traffic streets, gold shop robberies, and killing people to rob things have become daily news. It’s not just rural and urban areas that are being robbed. In large cities like Yangon and Mandalay, robberies are happening almost every day… “


Crimes of theft and robbery are occurring continuously in urban areas every day. The public has to make a living in fear and trembling. Not only are they committing crimes in the middle of the night, but they are also committing robberies and killings in broad daylight.


So, it can be said that Myanmar is an anarchist country. The police and the military treat people as enemies, and instead of protecting their lives and properties, they themselves are the ones who loot, harass, and destroy. Asking the police and the military for help is like bribing and begging the big bad guys to protect them from the smaller ones.

Recently in Yangon, it was said that the senior police officers and the powerful authorities have had to hunt down and suppress a gang of young police officers who sell drugs themselves and ask for bribes from drug dealers in the neighborhood. It seems that the high-powered officers dealt with that gang due to unfair sharing between them. The entrepreneurs of the neighborhood and those who have taken shelter from the war disaster are bowing their heads to the extortion of the police and general administrators, but if the thugs come to rob and kill them, those police can’t do anything to protect them. What they are protecting is that they are using bribes to pretend they don’t see so as to get relief from the arrest and torture by the military. It is just like the Myanmar proverb: “A cow will be spared only if the tiger takes pity.” And if a bad tiger from another place pulls in, they will just watch with their hands folded.


In Myanmar, which is preoccupied with such a situation, we read that the NUG’s Ministry of Home Affairs is announcing news, one after another, that they are expanding people’s administrative forces, people’s defense forces, general administrators, police and fire brigades. They also said that their people’s courts have already accepted and investigated public complaints.

According to the NUG press release, “…The people’s administrative organizations should join the public and participate until the military council is eradicated,” Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, Khu Hte Bu, said in a meeting between the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration and township public administration groups in Magway and Sagaing Divisions, held on November 2nd. …

“The military council is doing its best to destroy, kill, and torture everywhere, and it is using various methods to cripple the revolution. The members of people’s administrations should organize what should be organized, and take action in accordance with the law if there is no justice. Public participation in the revolution is very important, and the people’s administrative organizations should cooperate with the public and participate until the military council is eradicated,” he said. …”

Because of the anarchy prevailing, it is the Myanmar military group that often stages a coup, saying that they had to save the country just before it fell into the abyss. After the Myanmar military seized power, it became a historical tradition to arrest and imprison civilians in order to maintain law and order in the country. Now, in the Spring Revolution, the country is in the abyss, and anarchy is taking over. It is also evident that the military is completely incapable of maintaining peace in the country. The civilians are defenseless and it is getting worse day by day.

In times like this, in order to alleviate the political crisis and the civilians’ hardships, I would like to say that the revolutionary government and the revolutionary administrative defense organizations need to come up with various ways to provide care for civilians so that they can be protected from more or less life-threatening problems.

The NUG government is building and selling Spring Villa and housing urban projects with their fingers pointed towards the future. It is said that when the revolution prevails, it will be a peaceful place to rest. Even in the present, the people who are facing war and anarchy are in urgent need of places for shelter, protection, lengthening strength, nutrition, medicine and shade, aren’t they?