Myanmar people with psychological trauma 

Myanmar people with psychological trauma 

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – October 28 Scenes

Moe Ma Ka, October 29 2022

In the daily news, there are reports of local battles; looting and killing; violence in the city; raiding villages and killings; executions after interrogations in villages and cities and taking away the bodies; shooting and killing at a tea shop or at home with the allegation of being an informant; and the incidents of wives, children and women being shot in some cases are becoming daily news. As news readers, it is seen that people are able to read the news of those dying without much emotion.

Along with the news of killings or being killed, sometimes there are also reports of suicides. We have been seeing news of people jumping off bridges frequently, not only in big cities like Yangon, Myanmar, but also in other towns.

When you read the news of killings or being killed, you may feel anger and strong feelings when your supporter dies. But it is seen in the environment that some people react to the news of people’s deaths from the opposite side with happy feelings, while others react with nothing.

It can be seen that people’s feelings become gradually numb and they are no longer active when they hear the news of bomb explosions, killings, losing people’s lives under so-called interrogation but actually by those who could be called as ‘executioners’ in the feudal era and such group of people are allowed to torture and kill the arrested people as if they were criminals, and they are also responsible for deaths of people in the arson attacks on villages. 


When we read and see news like this every day, we don’t even sigh for the loss of a person’s life and nothing feels special anymore. For some people, they also feel anxiety, frustration, and the meaninglessness of living their lives.

Within the environment and the society around us, there are many people who feel that they lost touch of continuing to live in the current situation. I have noticed that there are more and more people who feel the same way, both on social media and in real life.

We can also face the worst situation. I think it is possible that just by writing a single sentence on social media without any big reason, the military group’s watchers will instigate arrests and the junta troops will come to the front of the house. On the other hand, I sometimes wonder whether to be assassinated by any group under any title while shopping in the market or while walking down the street. In everyday life, people are assassinated while sitting in a tea shop or at home, so I sometimes have the thought that I might be killed too.

It can generally be said that the mental health of the Myanmar people has been lost along with the military coup. After the military coup, the gradually deteriorating rule of law, justice and safe environment, the socio-economic crisis, inflation, scarcity of jobs, etc., are gradually becoming less and less able to be viewed in a positive way, and the tendency to forgive the other side is gradually decreasing. There are those who will take revenge and reprisal by sacrificing their lives to attack and demolish the military dictatorship mechanism to bring down the military council and there are also those with the thought of continuing living as it is, because they have already given up their lives and doing nothing without worry, fear or optimism.


Although a handful of people have moved to neighboring countries and third countries to evade and reside, 99% of the population continues to live under these conditions in the country. Some give up their individual lives and some continue to live with psychological trauma and retaliation.