Myanmar Spring Chronicle – July 12 Scenes

MoeMaKa,   July 13 2022

Going to pagodas on full moon day of Waso; for or against?


In the anti-dictatorship movements, starting from non-violent protests to the formation of the National Unity Government then came the emergence of the armed forces after few months, They decided to overthrow the dictatorship by means of armed. During the non-violent protests, the CDM movement of civil servants played an important role in overthrowing the military dictatorship. In addition to the CDM movement, other supportive operations are no payment for meter fees and taxes, boycotting non-CDM staff, students and military supporters and withdrawing money from both government and private banks to pressure the military council financially, making them unable to operate. 

After choosing the armed revolution, CDM is not the main role anymore. The armed revolution has become the main movement to combat the military council and to gain control of territories. It has become the main role to form the armed forces, to get arms and ammunition, and fundraising. 

The remaining revolutionary forces in the urban areas like in Yangon and Mandalay form various guerrilla forces and perform operations aiming for the military council unable to operate. In performing the operations, they targeted and harmed people involved in administration of ward, township, district, state and division run by Military.

Here, the process of demolishing of the military council has become a long-term battle and most of the young activists from urban went to liberated areas to participate in armed battles. In some regions like northern Magway, Sagaing Division, Kayah and Chin States, they are fighting and taking territory to base in those regions.

In the long run of such conditions, some of people living in cities are found weary and stressed under the situation. They turned to  become involved in day-to-day normal activities as they need to make ends meet and to cope with emotional distress.

On social media, some supporters of the spring revolution have been criticizing people who are involved in normal works. Some workplaces and shopping-eating places started to operate again after suspension due to covid and coup. People started to celebrate holidays like Thingyan and full moon days. On a day like today, the full moon day of Waso, Shwe Dagon pagoda in Yangon is packed with people and some anti-Military activists are blaming them on social media, as these are helping the military council’s attention of showing the World that Myanmar has come back to normalcy.

In the previous Thingyan period, although the pavilions sponsored by the military council were not crowded, there were people taking vacation at beaches like Chaungthar, Ngwe Saung and Ngapali in great numbers.  It was blamed on social media saying that those people turning their back on Spring Revolution.

Here, it is necessary for the supporters and motivators of the spring revolution to understand the mental emotions and participation of people and  organize them in a correct way. There were examples of mass people involvement in the previous Thingyan, Myanmar took part in silent strikes. After one year has passed,  it is necessary to understand that normal people who directly not involved need to vacate on holidays as an outlet for their stress and back to work to be able to survive. It is also needed to understand that everyone is unable to be involved in armed movements. But it is needed to recognize their involvement in various sectors as much as they can in donating and supporting morally or materially.

If there is no such understanding, it should be aware that it may push the supporters of the spring revolution to other side or  feel aleinated.

It is impossible for everyone to have a strong political spirit to involve and sacrifice. As there are gradual changes in the way and form of the battle, it is important to keep and organize them high spirit and hope. Anti-dictatorship forces need to understand how to organize and keep attached with all kinds of people from different level of classes and minds.