Myanmar Spring Chronicle – June 18 scenes

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – June 18 scenes

MoeMaKa  June 19 2022

Fascist military and war crimes

The previous day, RFA Burmese news channel reported the news about the atrocities of Myanmar Military soldiers and how they killed innocent civilians with evidence. It includes about 30 villagers from a village in Sagaing Division who were arrested and disappeared and photos of 5 civilians being shot dead by junta soldiers. According to the video and photo evidence taken by the soldier himself with his mobile phone which he lost in Ayadaw Township, the news channel reported that it includes the recordings of the Myanmar soldiers arresting and killing unarmed civilians and talking openly about each other. In that video, it can be heard that one soldier confessed that he killed 26 people and another soldier killed 5 people. It can be concluded that there were hundreds of murders in Sagaing Division alone by the Myanmar military on the blindside of law during the Spring Revolution as there is some evidence of the atrocities of the Myanmar military soldiers arresting and killing innocent civilians.

The past evidence of Myanmar military’s war crimes has been made public during the 2017 Rohingya uprising. Top Headline news of Reuters stated that there were murder cases that happened in Inn Din 1 week after the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) attacked more than 30 police surveillance gates in Buu Thee Taung and Maung Taw regions of Northern Rakhine State on 25 August 2017. Ten Rohingya villagers were arrested in Indin village on the evening of September 1 and at around 10 am on September 2, evidence disclosed that 2 villagers and security forces killed them lawlessly. The Myanmar military announced that they had taken action on soldiers and police for that but it was known that they were released by the Myanmar military on 2019. 

Myanmar people generally assumed that the Myanmar military would not commit such inhumane murders and atrocities at that time. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya fled into Bangladesh after the Myanmar military had launched an operation against the Rohingya within 2 weeks during the 2017 Rohingya uprising. Rohingya refugees are living in poverty in the refugee camps and unable to come back till now. An estimated number of 6000-10000 Rohingya were killed during that 2-weeks crackdown by the military. For that, the Myanmar military was accused for genocide at the International Criminal Court.

Now, during the 2021 Spring Revolution, the Myanmar military have cracked down on unarmed protesters and thousands of people have been arrested. Hundreds of people have been killed on the streets and at the interrogation camp. The Myanmar military is also brutally killing, burning and torturing the Myanmar people’s armed resistance, which began in April and May 2021. For evidence, the revolutionary organizations have already obtained the list of victims and testimony from their family members. If only the local villagers could seize the records kept by the Myanmar soldiers themselves and send them to the news channels properly and publish, I hope that everyone accepts the reality of the Fascist military and realizes that the importance of overthrowing the military dictatorship cannot be delayed.

 I think everyone will realize how war crimes committed by the Myanmar military not only towards Sagaing Division but also towards Kachin, Karen, Rakhine, Chin, Shan, Mon, Karenni and other ethnic groups for years are brutal, cruel and inhumane. It is obvious that the reason why the soldiers are torturing and killing innocent civilians willingly and keeping the records of these acts for memory without worries is because they firmly believe that they will not be prosecuted for their crimes by their generals. It is also clear that their military leaders have allowed them to commit war crimes without prohibition.