Mahabandula dream (4) – Dr Khin Maung Win (Math)

History recounted the last hours of the Norman Conquest in the following way . The Normans pressed their attack with cavalry and each time the Saxons , from behind their well placed barricades repelled them. Finally , the Normans resorted to a trick.They feigned a retreat with the intention of bringing the Saxons out from behind the cover.One might ask , how could a warrior king like Harold fall to such a
lowly trick?
     The fact is that he didn’t.But half of the Saxon wall of stakes was defended by untrained men.Brandishing their axes, they broke from the safety of the wall and pursued the enemy. ”Look.” said Harold,”Many of our men are leaving  the shelter of the wall to go after the enemy. Stop them, stop them.If they reach the bottom of the hill,the Norman soldiers will turn and cut them to pieces.And if that happens, the battle is lost.”
It happened exactly as Harold predicted.
     The arrows came down like pouring rain.Soon, the battle would be over.Another lost cause, another defeat, another honor.
     A sound brought Maha Bandoola back to the present.Surely,it must be a dream.It couldn’t be anything else.
Bo Thura woke up.” Please forgive me,my lord.I must have fallen asleep.” said Bo Thura to which Maha Bandoola replied ,”No need for forgiveness ,brother.As long as we are in this Samsara, we, you and I , shall fight for lost causes together, as we always have done, until we attain Nirvana.”
      The sound of cannons became nearer … …