HOW MANY TWO’S MAKE 8000 ? by Dr.Khin Maung Win (Maths)



Normally,one would say using addition, four

thousand times two make eight thousand.But if

we use multiplication as well,the number will be

considerably reduced.This can be seen from the

story of U Lu Aye and his wife.

One day U Lu Aye related to his wife a piece of

news.Within two hours,without resorting to modern inventions like computers and internet ,

the piece of news became known to more than

eight thousand people.The following calculations

based on the following assumptions show how it

is possible travelling from person to person basis.

Let us suppose that U Lu Aye’s wife told the bit

of news to two persons within ten minutes.Let us

suppose further that each of the persons who

heard the news hastened to tell the bit of news to two other persons.That took,say another ten minutes.Let us suppose that within ten minutes every person who heard the news passed it on to two other persons.

picture of persons talking

Now, let us make a table showing the number

of additional persons who heard the news.