The Hta –ma –ne Festival (February) by Junior Win

The Hta –ma –ne Festival (February)

By Junior Win
It is the name given to the harvest festival at the time of the year in February, the eleventh month of the Burmese calendar. The name hta-ma-ne is  given to a mixture of glutinous rice, sessamun seeds, peanuts, coconut slices, garlic slices    and a generous amount of oil, etc. In fact, everything that is yielded by the harvest is put into the mixture. How the mixture is made is a separate subject.
    Enough to say that the hta-ma-ne party is a kind of come-one –and –come-all and take-away  party. That is the true spirit of hta-ma-ne party. Everyone is invited and those not invited can come too.
I received a portion of hta-ma-ne from the ‘Three Pagodas Monastery’ of our neighbor street. They distributed their hta-ma-nes all their neighbors on the full moon day of Ta-po-dwe (February). I was about to go there, and took some video of their day-work of Hta-ma-ne making. I was lucky that I got their effort and happy mood. Now, I wanted to share my ‘Hta-ma-ne’ brief video to public, and hope my friends will enjoy it.
Here we go….