Burmese Days by Junior Win

Here, my third digital book in English appeared in Amazon titled as ‘Burmese Days and Flowers’. I wrote it from my interest in Thingyan Pot which is a welcomed symbol of Burmese New Year that occurs every year in April. Burmese Thingyan Pot also welcomes Tha-Gyar-Min; King of the celestial who comes and visits to human abode during Thingyan festival. The reader will see how important seven-day-born means to Burmese people. Seven-day-born represents not only to Thingyan Pot, but also to the Buddhists way of life. From reading, the reader will have the knowledge of Burmese Days and Flowers which is not only for Burmese people but also for all the people around the world, and I hope that the reader will become interested to make their own ‘Thingyan Pots’. I also added my articles which concerned Burmese tradition and customs, never fail and always remember for Burmese people. 
Burmese Buddhists show their loving kindness to all the human being by offering the ‘Seven-Day-Born’ flowers or leaves at the foot of the pagodas. (Here, no one think of his or her enemy is on ‘what-day-born’. All is given equally our loving kindness.) 
At the foot of the Buddha image, we recite:
‘I take refuge in Buddha;
I take refuge in His Teachings,
I take refuge in the Sangha, His order of the Yellow Robe.’
After reciting and praying, we put a set of flowers and leaves which represent seven-day-born meaning, into a large vase which placed at the foot of the Pagoda. At that time, we believe that such good deeds can save all the seven-day-born people around the world, wishing that they who will be happy and healthy for the coming year.
This book includes more articles which concern seven-day-born and the meaning of loving kindness. The act of offering at the foot of the pagoda, flowers, colored flags and streamers, which means ‘dhana’ or giving, an important aspect of Buddhist teaching that may be the secret of our happiness, our fortitude, our stay, protecting us form all the dangers even from the natural disasters?
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