Today Thingyan Pot (Junior Win)


Here, what I chose a set of leaves and flowers for the Burmese Thingyan Pot.

(Let red rose, and red paper flowers be arranged attractively, and others also added by the law of Burmese alphabets.)

Collecting flowers, and leaves from my garden, and arranging in the Thingyan Pot, and placing in front of our house, to welcome Tha-Gyar-Min (King of celestials). (Sure, he will be on a visit to the human abode for 3 days during Thingyan (water festival), (from 14th April to 16th April). All these Thingyan days, people have nice clean fun with their friends sprinkling water on the one another, and also do good deed such as keep fast, and give alms.

I plucked leaves, and flowers of Mesura Ferrea for all the Monday born, Paper flower for all the Tuesday born, Youclip for all the Wednesday born, Gun-kino for all the Thursday born, Eugenia for all the Friday born, Roses for all the Saturday born, Lily for all the Sunday born. I arranged in the Thingyan Pot, and placed at the front of our house. It was the act of welcoming Tha-Gyar-Min. I collected all these flowers and leaves from my garden by a little knowledge of Burmese days, Burmese Alphabets, and its letters.

(Thingyan Pot, and its set of flowers and leaves.)

It shows our loving kindness to all the Seven-day-born, friends or foes will be happy, and healthy for all the coming year.