Tha Pyay(Eugenia) – Junior Win

(Bonsai at the monastery.)

ThaPyay(Eugenia) is not only common chosen leaves for Thingyan Pot, but also for offering at the pagoda in honor of the stupa where Buddha’s relics enshrined. It is a symbol of love, peace, success and kindness. People use it as a triumph and welcome home symbol when soldiers returned from their battle in older times.

(Flowers, Pots, and a set of Eugenia at the market.)

At the market, flowers-sellers always included Eugenia among their flowers and leaves. People buy a set of Eugenia within their shopping. Burmese people especially choose ThaPyay for their household shrine for everyday offering.

Some people hold it in their hands sprinkling water to others as the illustration below during water festival (April) (Thingyan).

Illustration by Artist U Ba Kyi
(A girl holds ThaPyay leaves in her hands to sprinkle water to others.)

Most of the visitors choose ‘ThaPyay’ (Eugenia) they offer on the pagoda platform in honor of the stupa where relics of Buddha enshrined.

(Eugenia Pot.)