Meaningful and Colorful – Junior Win

(Pilgrim preferred Eugenias, and also others meaningful things to offer at the foot of the pagoda.)

Thingyan Pots not only exist for Thingyan festival and Burmese New Year, but also a set of flowers or leaves for Seven-Day-Born are always meaningful in the Buddhist way of life. When Burmese Buddhists go to pray at the pagoda, before praying, they buy a set of flowers and leaves from the pagodas stalls. Most of flowers sellers from the pagoda platform choose prettiest flowers for Seven-day-born, and sell them with a good price. They call us and said ‘Come, come, how beautiful this set of flowers is, we chose the prettiest for all the Seven-day-born.’

(The colorful, and meaningful at the pagoda stall.)

On the pagoda platform, people are buying not only flowers and leaves, but also candles, coloured flags and streamers to offer at the foot of the pagoda in honour of the stupa where Buddha’s relics are enshrined. Such things are very colourful too and they are full of meaning to Burmese Buddhists.