Junior Win : I am a writer in Burma

I obtained Children Literary Award for translating “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carrol into Burmese in 2008 from Htun Foundation Awards in Burma. My grandmother was a famous writer. Her name was Khin Myo Chit. She wrote many books about Myanmar culture, legends, pagodas and short stories. She wrote both in English and in Burmese. I envy my grandmother very much. Her famous books are Colorful Burma, A wonderland of Burmese Legends and Anawrahta of Burma (also known as King Among Men).
I create this page not only for myself, but also for my family. I also want to write about my grandfather (who was not only a English teacher but also a writer), my grandmother (who was
a writer), my father (who is not only a mathematician but also a writer), my mother (who is not only a housekeeper, but also a children
books writer) and my twins brother (who is not only a BE electrician but also a Cartoonist and writer).
As for me I myself a mathematician once but now my work is writing. After writing, I love reading. My grandmother always said, ‘Read books like eating.” So, I give at least 1hour or more for reading time a day. My grandparents and my parents always believe the slogan ‘Read for pleasure’. So, I always keep it in my mind that I read books for pleasure.
One thing I want to add is for my friends who are patient to search books for me. I thank them somuch. I cannot repay their kindness and understanding to me; bookworm– bookeater!!