MoeMaKa Win – Burmese Journals and Academy Awards made in Korea

 Burmese readers looked more inclined to Korea superstars. They would love to read anything about them because according to my speculation, their TV series were always playing on state’s TV. Burmese stars were also on the show but most of their programs were state-propagandas. They talked all pro junta dialogue all day long. As Burmese people in average falling out from the injustice and oppression of Burmese regime, they tended to dislike Burmese stars as a reaction.  They were not interested in them, in their stories so the future well being of Burmese film industry should be worried.

Popularity of a journal could not be hidden or made. As long as the Korean stars printed, the readership would rise.  Their date of birth, their personal lives and tit-bits were learnt through the Burmese journals. None were hidden. That might be the reason that Burmese audience loved Korean stars. Oh … let me go back where I was talking about.

Well, “Sevendays” was sold at Kyats 600. To justify the costly price, more variety was included in the journals but it was hard to justify the mind of the reader as they were used to buy the journal with 500 Kyat note, they were not that willing when they had to come up extra 100 Kyat note for a journal. Some customers preferred to use their single 500 Kyat note to purchase any 500 Kyat journals saving themselves from changing their currency notes. Sometime, “Yangontimes” was sold at Kyat 600. As the price was up and down between 500 to 600 Kyat ranges, the readers became to choose any journals up to their convenience not sticking with their favorites.

    Reading a journal was short-lived only for a morning or an afternoon and preferences of readers were not last long too. Later, readers would like to read scoops and latest news again. But they would not like to read same repeating news from all the journals they bought in a week. So they would be browsing inside variety of journals at the news stand first before they purchased one next time. They might purchase one this week but next week, they chose another.

    For tomorrow, people shall buy any journals on the stands as long as they bear the news of Burmese academy award ceremony. Too bad, Korea stars were not awarded Burmese academy …