SPDC praises cease-fire groups


          In the article, author clearly express in words that leaders of the cease-fire groups will able to participate in upcoming 2010 general election in accordance with law and will get chance to lead administrative bodies in their regions. He concludes that it is the best, the most appropriate and the safest way to win-win situation, and encourages all people in Burma including cease-fire groups to accept the junta’s proposal.

          Although the article strongly persuades cease-fire groups by many comments and recommendations, there is no detail about Border-Guard-Force such as how the forces should be organized and how many.

          It can be assumed that the details about organizing works have been discussed in series of negotiation meetings between the junta and cease-fire groups. Foreign-based media said that the Border-Guard-Force transformation programme was started at the beginning of this year. The article in state-run media however mentions that the programme has been waited for 20 years to implement it.

          The article does not mention about recent U Peng Jiasheng and his armed force recently destroyed and wiped out by the junta. The junta’s troops attacked the cease-fire group with reason of involving and running illegal arms factories. After completion of the junta’s attack, a Kokang leader who is an opponent of U Peng Jiasheng was allowed to reorganize and set up Kokang Region Administration Committee.

          People in Burma suspect the junta’s attack that Kokang cease-fire group was raided due to the Kokang leaders’ stand point on the junta’s proposal. They refused to transform their armed force into Border-Guard-Force. Two week after the attack, a new Kokang Region Administration Committee was appeared in the region, and at the same time the committee accepts the junta’s proposal and agrees to transform their armed force into Border-Guard-Force.

          The article in junta-run newspaper critics foreign-based media as oppose to the junta’s Border-Guard-Force transformation programme and making disturbances.