My Life Will Go On (7) by Junior Win

When I failed my eighth-grade (8th standard), I was so shocked and felt miserable. The most important thing was, my twin brother passed the exam, and he was going to attend the ninth-grade. I was crying for this catastrophe. My grandparents, my parents, and my brother comforted me. I was so ashamed that if someone asked us our school age, and found that I was one year late than my brother; ‘Oh! Why your twin brother was one year ahead of you, dear little twin sister?’

(All my family comforted me for my broken heart.)(Illustrated by Maung Yit)

On the day the school opened, I could never forget the day. I sat at the old 8th standard classroom, and was feeling so sad. I controlled my tears flowing. Under that unhappy condition, I found my friends who also failed the eighth-grade. We were suddenly meeting each other, and of same feathers, and forgot our current state. We flocked together, and prepared to welcome the juniors. We met new friends, and found that they were friendly, and sweet. Those friends I met in the 8th standard became closed friends.

Apart from the bad luck I had met in that year, I was feeling satisfied for meeting new friends. However I passed my eighth-grade next year, I realized that I would never be equal level in the academic year with my twin brother. He would always be one year ahead of me.