Ngwe Zin Yaw – The Sign of Thingyan

          However it rained early starting at 11th of April. Some were happy as it cooled down the summer heat. Some saved themselves from watering their garden. But still there was no sign of Padauk, the sign of Thingyan.

          As we had 10 long holidays in Thingyan, some workers and office staffs were all excited of their break but there would be no shop and no market in the duration, all were now crowded rushing stocking up their needs in advance.

          In the monastery, there were long list of men and boys enrolling themselves to become a provisional monkshood or Novitiation and some going into mediation center to do their good needs. Some were planning to do other charity and religious deeds such as eating vegetables, go fasting or practice meditation.

          Come what may, Thingyan was for Burmese people to leave an old year behind and to welcome a new year with good spirit and it was always a sign of Thingyan. May all Burmese people be happy, merry and healthy for their Burmese new year.