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NLD initiates support network for political prisoners


MoeMaKa reporter 005, Yangon

January 5, 2011

In order to support political prisoners and their families, the drawing lots event that chooses a volunteer for each of those activists was held in the Independence Day ceremony at the NLD’s headquarter today.

It is a programme that the badges, with inscribed names and addresses of prisoners and the name of prison where he or she is being held, were selected by drawing lots. The chosen prisoners and their families will be contacted and supported by NLD members and well-wishers who participated in the event.

Burmese pray for 2200 of imprisoned politicians, students, monks




MoeMaKa reporter 005, Yangon

January 5, 2011

At 10:45 am, on January 4th  2011, some NLD members and former female political prisoners started lighting candles to pray for current imprisoned political activists at south-east post of Shwedagon Pagoda.

The NLD campaigns to select and support political prisoners voluntarily

Photo News

January 5, 2011

The invitation was seen at the NLD’s headquarter.

This programme, starting from the beginning of this year, is initiated by the National League for Democracy.

The views of the Independence Day’s ceremony at the NLD’s headquarter is to  support political prisoners.


Burmese Community in Buffalo from US expressed support NLD as a legitimate Burmese political party

MoeMaKa reporter- Buffalo

12, December 2010



Yesterday afternoon,  the Burmese community living in Buffalo, New York, USA convened a conference to express support the National League for Democracy, led by Daw Aung Sun Suu Kyi, as a legitimate Burmese political party standing with the recognition from majority of the Burmese.

Myanmar Child Aid will focus more on Orphanage School


MoeMaKa Reporter 002

17 December, 2010

It has been over 3 years since “Myanmar Child Aid Foundation” has provided educational support for 613 orphans from Thingunkone Township, Latputta, Irrawaddy division who lost both parents in Nargis Strom of May, 2008.

The leading Sayadaw (Abbot) U Dhamma Piya of Nyar Gyan Pyan (Rangoon) and Metta Nanda (Fremont, USA) monasteries, told Moemaka that the foundation, in coming of new year 2011, will focus more on its orphanage home and educational and social charity work, which based in Nwekhwe, Mingalardone, Yangon (Rangoon), than from the previous activity of delivering financial aid to the parent-less children residing at villages in Irrawaddy division.

Good Deeds for the people by the people of the people – FFSS (Yangon) activities

Kyaw Thu

16 December, 2010


1.     Free Funeral Service Society ( Yangon), which has been offering free funeral services and free medical care at Thukha Kuthophit clinic for people in need, donated a wagon ( to be used as hearse) to free funeral service society of Minhla town. In Minhla town, as local tradition, when someone passes away, the carcass is usually laid in front of its own house. The donated wagon will facilitate the transport of carcass to the respective funeral sites by pulling it with a vehicle or by manpower on the day of burial or cremation. It costs approximately 180,000 Kyats. It is the donation made with public contributions via FFSS (Yangon).

MoeMaKa – Interview with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Friday, 26th November 2010

           MoeMaKa was able to have a brief but interesting interview this evening with the people’s leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD). MoeMaKa posed questions to Daw Suu on behalf of its world-wide readers and solicited her opinions and views on national affairs.



MoeMaKa : First of all, we would like to tell you that the Burmese people are very happy for your release. We feel encouraged. We all wish you success in your plans for national affairs. We pray for your health and safety. We support you now and forever.

DASSK : Thanks. I am glad to hear about it.

Government Service Staffs must vote – no excuse

Win Myat, Yangon
15th October 2010

Campaign Poster of USDP in Rangoon (Photo – MoeMaKa)
(Click picture if you want to read the words on the signboard)


It was reported that some of the high rank officers from government services in Rangoon had ordered their staffs to check their voting status, register to vote and vote without fail on the polling day.  They were told to volunteer themselves doing data-collection and running errands at the polling station when needed. They also were told to report their activities back to their supervisors.

USDP holding Road Work Project While forcing local to join their party


Moe Ma Ka Reporter, Rangoon.

October 14, 2010.

     As an election campaign promise, Rangoon Mayor, U Aung Thein Lin who runs for 2010 Regime’s Election as USDP candidate, was promising road repair projects in Rangoon. He was accused that he was misusing city’s fund and resources to finance his campaign’s promise.

One of the residents from Tarmwe Township, told MoeMaKa that the mayor was asking for more recruits to his party while he was holding road work project as a bargaining chip to the local residents.

Burmese Communities in 14 cities and towns from US condemned Regime’s 2010 Election

              Burmese communities in United States of America from 14 cities and towns announced: “We do not Support the Burmese Military Junta and Its Cronies. We Protest and Condemn the Junta‟s 2010 Election & Pre-determined Outcome”, in their solidarity statement dated 20th October, 2010 (20-10-2010). They also urged the Burmese and democracy activists around the world: “Please share the news and let’s join hand for next action – “Global Protest Campaign against Burmese Regime’s Unrepresentative Election 2010″”.

             According to the statement received, it expressed the followings:

Some good deeds performed by the Free Funeral Services Society (Yangon) (FFSS)

Kyaw Thu, 9 October 2010

The Grim Reaper knows no laws

Ms. Than Myint Aung, secretary of Free Funeral Services Society (Yangon), and the staff members helped transport the bodies of Daw Ohn Yee (age 67) and her son U Khin Oo (age 48) from South Dagon township, Yangon for cremation at Kyi-Su cemetery at 9:30 am, 7th October 2010 on Thursday.