Ko Mya Aye

While he, Mya Aye, along with a group called ‘Green Book’, was serving his 8 years sentence for section 5(J) of the Emergency Provisions Act and article 17(1) of Unlawful Association Act for having contacts with ABSDF northern body, the jail special officer Bo Kyi took off his boots and slapped Mya Aye on the face for his leading role in the protest, which we organized together to demand our rights in prison on May Day of year 1990. Then warders dispersed us. Some of us were denied their regular family visits.

Next, each of us was transferred to various prisons. Some were released. Some were taken back to prisons. We got caught in a vicious circle of prison life. After his release from Taungoo prison, he tried to rebuild his family life and business; meanwhile, he did keep in touch with 88 generation student group and with the political field. He was not absent to attending social events, and he helps his friends who remained in prisons, as much as he can.

At SaittineKya tea shop by the side of Kandawgyi lake, honoring his daughter who passed 10th standard, he planned to host a celebration in which the old friends of 88 generation group would be able to have a reunion. His effort, however, was ruined by SB (Bureau of Special Investigation). Tight control and restriction are always on the activities of former or present political prisoners in Burma. Later, joining the 88 group, he patiently invited, organized, and persuaded all into participating unitedly in democracy movements.

He, Mya Aye, is a patient, tolerant and helpful person. Although he is a true believer of Islam, he even actively takes part in the religious worships for the cause of democracy and national reconciliation of Burma.

His family business has been closed down by the military junta, who is always attempting to restrict and block former political prisoners doing business.

He along with other 88 generation student leaders marched and protested against the sudden rise in fuel prices. For that activity, he was arrested again and sentenced to 65 years and 6 months in prison. Then, he was taken to Loikaw prison far away from his family, and eventually he was transferred to Taunggyi prison.

Ma Wai Hnin Pyint Thone, his daughter, is now a member of Burma Campaign (UK), and is energetically performing her tasks for democracy in Burma.

I wish him and his family happiness and immediate reunion!

Thar Gyi (AAPP)