Interesting NUG Pay. Those who refuse the election.

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – October 03 Scenes
Moe Ma Ka, October 04 2022

Interesting NUG Pay. Those who refuse the election.

In early October, the Ministry of NUG announced that the NUP Pay Wallet trial period had ended and it would start operating at normal rates. During the initial trial period from June to September, if you buy a digital wallet for 10,000, you will be charged 3,000 for service. A wallet now costs 5,000. The remaining 5,000 kyat is to be used as you like. Currently, the NUG Pay mobile app can be installed on Android phones and an Apple (iOS) version will be coming soon.

They said in their report that they had estimated about 50,000 users originally targeted from Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and other Asian countries, but now they have more than 100,000 users. There are already 3000 million (3 billion) digital kyats that people buy and use. I have heard that there have been more than a billion kyats that have been exchanged for digital kyats (DMMK) within Myanmar. It is stated that DMMK is intended for the safe and secure circulation and exchange of money within the Spring Revolution community. It is reported that they are currently buying bonds, EOD shares, and plots of land by converting to DMMK.  

Currently, when MoeMaKa tries to use it, it is necessary to have an intermediate level of knowledge of the technology. You need to know how to transfer money to convert the current kyat, dollar, yen, and paper currency to DMMK via the agent. Once you have transferred DMMK to your digital wallet, you can immediately transfer money with NUG Pay App something like Kpay and Wave once you know your friend’s account names. 


Case study is that the local PDFs at home can be sent money directly if they are able to accept money by NUG Pay. They may withdraw cash or pay for their suppliers who accept DMMK. If people believe in the NUG government’s monetary system, their DMMK money can be successful. Every conversion they make to DMMK is backed by Tether Digital Coin at the current dollar price. But, as compared to the work of the 3-digit lottery system, as the wholesaler hold the cash from the 3-digit lottery ticket buyers and all retailers, everyone will be at a loss if the wholesaler don’t compensate those who win the lottery. However, to show that the NUG government has more trust and support than the military council, it must be measured against the improvement and expansion of the their monetary system.


Another trending news is that 2023 is approaching, so everyone is watching the Myanmar Military Council’s election preparations and expectations. The NLD is almost out of the election. In the 2010 election held by U Thein Sein as the military prime minister without the NLD, he became the president, and it could be predicted that the military council chairman, Min Aung Hlaing, is finding a way out after becoming the president in the 2023 election held without the NLD. According to the reports, there has been relocating and changing the leadership in the USDP party founded by Military, which is the exit route for generals from military into civilian politicians. Revolutionary forces are calling for a boycott of the 2023 elections and expressing no trust.

When it comes to elections, it must be said that the way the United States uses and views elections is different from Myanmar’s. When Donald Trump lost the election in 2020, he accused the American election of fraud, and on January 6, 2021, he gathered a large anarchist crowd and tried to take over Congress. When he failed and left the White House, he boycotted without attending the inauguration of new President Joe Biden. Now, in the 2022 midterm congressional election, the politicians who follow Trump are already proclaiming in advance that if they lose the election, like Trump, it is because the vote was rigged. If they win, the election is fair, and if they lose, it’s unfair, which is how wicked politicians view and manipulate the election. Myanmar’s dictators want to participate in the election after getting rid of the person who will defeat them in order to win the election. The far-right of the United States is trying to defame the electoral system by saying that it is a lie if it can’t win.


The question for the people of Myanmar and the United States is how they want to decide between losing and winning contest to power for those group of people who can’t make the election impartial, fair, and clean and are unwilling to accept it. I think we just need to not give in to the extremist minorities and resist against those who want to control all the political, economic, and social systems by relying on extreme radical weapons and lawless people.