Human resources and capital that are draining out of Myanmar

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – October 16 Scenes
MoeMaKa, October 17 2022
Human resources and capital that are draining out of Myanmar

From the brink of a partial civil war to the abyss of a wider civil war, we can’t help but notice that Myanmar’s human resources and financial resources are gradually flowing abroad. Among those who left Myanmar within a few months of the military coup at the beginning of last year, there were those who had decided to resist by armed means and who were politically likely to be arrested and punished by the military. Some of them cross the border of the neighboring country and live in the border towns of the other country. They are determined to oppose the military dictatorship and are doing what they can. There are cases where some people travel to third countries because it is not easy to live in the long term for those who do not have valid visas and identity documents in neighboring countries.

Many politicians and people working in civil society organizations and international organizations have gone to neighboring countries and third countries. There are doctors, teachers in the field of education, and government employees who are actively involved in CDM and have fled to neighboring countries after being hunted down by the military council for arrest. A few have settled and lived in ethnics armed areas. Many experts are included in the CDM staff. Doctors in the field of medicine, professors, and lecturers from the field of education are involved.

If you look at the fact that these professionals and teachers, who further spread knowledge, have been arrested and the fact that they are leaving the country in various ways, not only the current conditions of Myanmar, but also in the near future, it will face many difficulties in rehabilitation. From another point of view, it can be said that Myanmar is either heading towards a failed state or is on that path.

Not only those connected to politics, but because the environment is no longer good for business opportunities, family members’ education and social life in Myanmar, there are also many middle-class people who sell their assets and work in neighboring countries and wait until the country’s situation changes.

Migrants from Myanmar to Thailand have been gradually increasing over the past 6 months and 1 year. It is also seen that some large international businesses have decided to leave the country due to the economic prospects of Myanmar and, on one hand, due to their reputation. Not only international investment, but also the local middle class are temporarily leaving due to the uncertainty of security and economic opportunities.

These situations are nothing compared to the situations where people who lost their lives in war-torn areas and those who lost their homes and had to start their lives from zero. On the other hand, the country’s political, economic and social problems are deepening as human resources and capital are diminishing, and even if the solution to the political struggle is resolved, the road to rebuilding will be far more difficult.