Drone forces on both sides; Injustice going on;What’s the difference between Ukraine and Myanmar

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – October 02 Scenes
MoeMaKa, October 03 2022

Drone forces on both sides; Injustice going on;What’s the difference between Ukraine and Myanmar

Zaw Min Tun, spokesperson for the military council, said that defense weapons capable of shooting down drones were ready.

In early October, NUG’s fundraising events and projects did some press releases talked extensively about the establishment and expansion of PDF drone forces and the installation of drones. It is also said to have collected and received a large amount of funds. There is a saying that the military council dare not go to war without air support and air defense, and there are also comments that the PDF side could do more attacks and surveillance effectively with drones. The military has been constrained by timing mines, drag mines, and aerial bombs dropped by drones, but the Myanmar Military responded fiercely with retaliatory killings of civilians continue.

After confirming the news of the death of Brigadier General Ohn Thwin (retd), 72 years old, DSA-15, along with his son-in-law on September 24th at his home in Hlaing Township (12) Ward, killed by Inya Urban Force, and during the next week, it was said that there were many implications in the military community. Without informers, it was difficult for the guerrillas themselves to carry out this killing effectively. While retaliatory killings continue in the city, it is also said that members of the military council, in the name of Pyu Saw Htee, have increased their revenge killings of civilians. According to an unconfirmed report, the parents of a political prisoner who was fleeing the area were killed by Pyu Saw Htee in retaliation for killing a ward administrator and one of them outside of Yangon. Informers are on both sides, and due to them, the unarmed Myanmar civilians are suffering from execution by one-sided non-judgment actions.

It can be seen that the people of Ukraine and the Ukrainian government are documenting many of the war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine during the war and during the clearing of the territory after the war. The disclosure of the names and information of Russian soldiers and their superior officers and prosecution were carried out in accordance with military law. They have also identified and arrested Russian informers and spies and are preparing to prosecute them. They claim that their systems guarantee that there is no erasure of evidence for wrongdoers.

It may be more difficult than them to collect and store records of war crimes and unfair verdicts happening in Myanmar. However, during this interim period, I think it will be necessary for the NUG and NUCC to organize procedures for the public to follow and report in order to establish justice and keep records.

Ukraine suffered from the Russian invasion in February 2022, and now, at the end of September, it has been able to resist the Russian invasion to some extent. The EU and the United States, which are members of the Western group, overwhelmingly provided military aid to Ukraine, as well as economic and multilateral sanctions against Russia as effective as possible.

Among these, in addition to military weapons, money, and food aid, another important thing to point out is that the neighboring countries have opened their doors and welcomed the war refugees from Ukraine. The solidarity of humanity in hosting hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees is amazing.

Here, analysts point out that Ukraine and neighboring countries share the same skin color and religion. They question whether Ukrainians will get help like this from people of different religions and skin color.


Another reason is that the Ukrainian soldiers have received military training in the United States and some EU countries. These governments have cooperated for many years and have a good military relationship with Ukraine. So, people also point out that they shared the same military terms and kept the road to assistance open throughout the Ukraine operation. 


In geopolitics, the Ukrainian politicians well understood the need for Ukraine to be an ally with the Western countries and were able to capitalize on it. It is considered that the Western groups also used it. There were also comments on Ukrainians that they were able to withstand the fake news and propaganda wars waged by Russia because they had always been aware that pro-Russian Ukrainian politicians and leaders were always trying to incite them to follow Russia’s side.


However, the governments of Ukraine, the United States and EU countries view Russia’s war of invasion as a long-term war. Civilians are also informed truthfully that the war will be a long-term one.


Regardless of how analysts and experts advised the Ukrainian government to negotiate with Russia at the start of the invasive war, Ukraine’s President has stated unequivocally that they will fight back against Russia no matter how long it takes.


As for Myanmar, I think that the revolutionary leaders will give the Myanmar people a pragmatic and organized leadership that will take the long term and gain momentum rather than talk about overnight success.