Sunlun Method of Meditation is The Best Medicine by Junior Win

The experience of practice meditation learnt from the meditation master; Sunlun Sayadaw U Vinaya changed our mind clear, and fresh. He taught us to practice meditation for total 100 minutes; 50 minutes for breathe hard, and another 50 minutes for keeping full mindfulness in pain that would happen during meditating until the time completed.

Too tough for the beginner, but by the guidance of Sayadaw U Vinaya, the time seemed passed quickly. It was different between practice meditation at home, and practice meditation at the monastery. At home, time seemed passed so slowly. That’s why we tried to go and do meditation at the Sunlun monastery.

(Meeting Sayadaw U Vinaya 12 years ago.)

When I was at school, I did meditation when the examination came near. Sayadaw U Vinaya said it was good for your brain light, and fresh. I made a vow in front of the Sayadaw U Vinaya to practice meditation once par day for a week, or for 10 days. On the completed day, I made a wish for the examination, success, and having good marks. One day Sayadaw U Vinaya said, you did not need to make a vow for doing meditation in front of the Sayadaw. You could practice meditation you want, and did not need making an oath. After a week or 10 days that you completed as you planned, you could make a wish for your examination on that day.

(My twin brother practised meditation when he visited at Sunlun Monastery.)

As Sayadaw U Vinaya said, sometimes I had an idea to do meditation once par day for one week, and I started from the day that I planned, and did not make a vow. On the finished day, I made a wish that I wanted most. When Sayadaw U Vinaya passed away, I always remembered Sayadaw’s discourses. It was one of Sauyadaw U Vinaya’ speeches and still heard.

At present, we tried to go to the Sunlun Monastery once a week, and paid respect to Sunlun Sayadaw U Wara, and practiced meditation there. Sayadaw U Wara gave a short speech before we practiced meditation. I also tried to do meditation at home everyday and regularly. The more I do, my mind more clear, and pure. Especially when we were desperate, and sadness overwhelmed us, meditation is the best medicine, and it always helps us to stand calm, and peace.

(Sayadaw U Wara warmly welcomed, and encouraged us to practice meditation.)