Sequel; Grandpa and his Degrees Gown by Junior Win

(Grandpa, U Khin Maung Latt, B.A degree (left), and M.A degree (right))

Two photos of my grandfather with graduation gowns, it showed he obtained two degrees in his life. One must be B.A degree, and the other M.A (English).

When I was writing a book ‘A Memory of My Grandparents’, my mother was searching old photos for me. For her help, I could choose photos easily for what I was going to use, and had more time to think about them. Moreover, I could ask my father if I had to know about the photo.

Look at these two photos again, my dear reader. Is it strange that the look of my grandfather in M.A gown was younger than of B.A gown? I thought B.A degree he obtained in 1947 when he was 32 years old, and M.A in 1951 when he was 36. So he must be younger in B.A degree. I was confused what I see.

I asked my father about my thinking. He explained, ‘Yes, you are right.’ It was because when he obtained the B.A degree, he had not a chance to take a photo for his graduation. After a long time passed, he had an idea to take photos with B.A gown. Then he borrowed the B.A gown, and took photos at home. At that time they were staying at Pyay-Yeik-Thar (now we still live.) in 1958. So he was 43/44 years old with B.A gown. Although the B.A degree was earlier than the M.A degree, his look with B.A gown was 12 years older than with M.A gown.

(He took photo with B.A gown in ‘Pyay-Yeik-Thar’)