MAHA BANDOOLA’S DREAM – Part 2 (Dr. Khin Maung Win (Math))


Maha Bandoola looked at the distant camp fires.  Suddenly, the fires seemed to come nearer.

No,  that wasn’t how it happened.What really happened,he couldn’t tell.
One could probably describe what happened as a dream.Even Maha Bandoola had to admit that a dream was the best approximation of what really happened.
The fire seemed to come nearer, someone shouted , fire, fire . The Romans are burning Carthage .
No, even that wasn’t the right order of sequence. But ,how can you tell that a dream is not in the right order of sequence?After all , in any dream, one order of sequence is as good as another, or is it ?

He was praying in front of the Buddha. He was saying , ‘May I always fight for lost causes’.Then he heard another voice say .’May I too fight for the same cause, with my brother. ‘It was Bo Thura, only he looked different and his name was something like Tissa.How did he know that his name was Tissa?How did he know that Tissa was the same as Bo Thura Kyawzwar?

‘The Romans are burning Carthage.’someone shouted.Hannibal was still fighting for a lost cause , that of saving Carthage .

‘Run , brother, run, for he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day,and that’s what you must do.It’s no dishonor to yield to yield to greater odds beyond your control.’ said Bo Thura.

Only, his name wasn’t Bo Thura, then.Was it Marcus ?

Fire …, Fire ….

(From Myanmar Review On May 1990)