A Life-Long Partner (Junior Win)

(1985, My loving grandparents – U Khin Maung Latt, and (Daw) Khin Myo Chit (writer))

‘Colourful Burma’ (1976) was my grandma’s famous book in the history of all time. The book was reprinted again and again until now. She wrote traditional Burmese styles, cultural things, and Buddhism in the book. Grandma used famous phrases, words from poems, and plays from English literature. She devoured English Literature since she was young. Although grandpa was an English teacher, he could not write as grandma do. But he helped grandma, and gave assistance whenever grandma needed.

(The first edition of Colourful Burma 1976 (left), and second edition of Colourful Burma 1978 (right))

In 1996, ‘Burma’ and ‘Burmese’ were no longer permitted to use in our country. They had to be changed to ‘Myanmar’. At that time, I saw my grandparents were not happy for those changes. They did not want to change the name into ‘Myanmar’. I perceived there were grandma’s books were included ‘Burma’ or ‘Burmese’ in the paragraphs, as well as the titles of the books.

For those changes, grandma was disappointed. Here, grandma needed grandpa’s help. They two were discussing days and nights for how to fix the problem. ‘Colourful Burma’ must be changed to ‘Colourful Myanmar’. They considered the name without ‘Myanmar’ which would be more beautiful and more powerful than ‘Colourful Burma’ or ‘Colourful Myanmar’. Later, they gave up. They simply changed to ‘Colourful Myanmar’.

(Anawrahta of Burma 1970, first edition, Cover by U Ba Kyi.)

For her another book ‘Anawrahta of Burma’, the name had to be changed ‘Anawrahta of Myanmar’. They too considered having a more beautiful title. Later they got it! (Eureka!) ‘King Among Men’ appeared as their chosen title in place of the old name ‘Anawrahta of Burma’ in 1996.

(‘King Among Men’ renamed from ‘Anawrahta of Burma’, and ‘Colourful Myanmar’ (1996) renamed from ‘Colourful Burma’. Both published from Parami Book Publication.)