Junta Transferring Government’s Buildings to Private Business Secretly

These three office buildings transferred last are: Myanmar Petroleum and Natural Gas Enterprise’s headquarter, located on the corner of 31st street and Merchant road, the building owned by Ministry of No. 1 Industry, on the lower block of Bosompat street (former office of trade corporation-5), and the office of Ministry of Livestock Breeding and Fisheries at the corner of Mogul street and Merchant road (previous head-office of Public Pearl and Fisheries department).

It is learnt that Burmese junta has made over these properties, now being under heavy repairs and located in Panbetan township, to Chinese companies.


Office of Ministry of No. 1 Industry on Bosompat street (Former Maung Htaw Lay street)

The 70-year-old retired Civil Servant from that street said that this building of Ministry of No. 1 Industry would become a company office, and the building of petroleum and gas situated on the next street corner would be transformed into a hotel. Tar Tar company from India would open its office on the corner of Mogul street, where pearl and fisheries building previously located. The bank run by livestock breeding and fisheries department and housed in that building, would move to the opposite office of registration department for private companies.

It is, during this month, that many state-owned properties have been sold, under the counter, by junta, although the firms are being overtly invited to tender for some of the government’s offices, plots and buildings intended to privatize.


 Building of Registration Department for Business Companies in Process of Repairs (where the bank of livestock breeding and fisheries intend to house).

Kantawgyi Palace hotel and office of the minister of livestock breeding and fisheries located at the corner of Merchant street and Bokalay market street are included in the recent move of secret selling. The details of the contracts were not disclosed. The public only noticed when they saw these buildings under heavy repairs.