Maung Wunna, the writer and director

The movies by Maung Wunna that I have seen are ‘Chit Tae Thu Ngwelay’ and ‘PanTwe NaeWai’. To be honest, I just remember that my uncle and university students were very fond of those movies. I saw a scene- if my memory serves me well- that the actor Maung Yupa and actress May Win Maung were walking towards and back from the university through a path under the trees.

At that time, I got quite bored as my uncle explained to me how meaningful the movie is. Perhaps, I was not old enough to understand. Only did I remember that I felt bored.

As far as I can recollect, one of Saya Maung Wunna’s films ‘Dat Khe’ attracted huge audience. I still remember that duringa visit to my home, the author U Thu Maung told me that this movie was so successful and it made Maung Wunna feel depressed. Only the artists are able to understand why the director Maung Wuuna got depressed for his film ‘Dat Khe’, which was shown in theatres for many weeks and watched by an audience of millions, made a lot of money, and was a brilliant success far beyond expectation.

I really like ‘Khunnit Sin Alune’ a film by Saya. I am also glad to know that it won the Academy Award. It is a memorable film starring his brothers, Thu Maung, Min Lu and Yupa.

I have, in fact, noticed him as writer rather than director. His pieces of work always fascinated me, and influenced me to read them first, whenever I turn a magazine and see his name on the contents. He is the one of my favorite writers. I am really fond of his romantic stories. There are no fabricated plots in his work. His writing style is natural and lively. I was greatly pleased to read his simple love stories and a series of short stories called ‘ Maung Sein Thaung and Ma Hnin Yee’ about matrimonial affairs.

He is an accomplished writer who is especially skillful in describing dialogues.

Presented above were the things and my feeling which crossed my mind when I learnt about his death.

I will always remember Saya Maung Wunna, who shows what the existence of a genuine artist is.

We wish you an elevated afterlife.