A Political Prisoner Passed Away in Myingyan Prison – AAPP-Burma released its information

                In Myingyan Prison, Ko Kyaw Soe suffered from a respiratory disease and stomach problems. “He was the 144th political prisoner to die in prison in Burma, since 1988, due to malnutrition, maltreatment and inadequate medical care. When his family members requested the Myingyan Prison authorities to buy appropriate medicine for Ko Kyaw Soe, the prison authorities replied that they had been taking care of him adequately and carefully. Now, it is obvious that they were not treating him properly,” Secretary of AAPP, Tate Naing, said.

 “The deplorable conditions in Burma’s prisons: the absence and denial of adequate medical treatment, torture and mistreatment, causes and exacerbates the health problems of prisoners,  leading to the tragic deaths of far too many of Burma’s human rights defenders and democracy activists,” Tate Naing said.

                Ko Kyaw Soe has left behind a wife, May Han Ei, and a 7 year-old daughter.

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Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma)

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