Political hostages recently released by Burmese Military Regime in Rangoon

In yesterday, people praise an announcement that the junta has to release 250 out of around 2000 political prisoners in Burma. It looks like junta’s stance to get impression and praise from people. The scene at the front of and near Insein prison in yesterday approves the thought that the junta wants only impression. With intentions to assault dignity of the political prisoners, they were released with many other prisoners convicted of various criminal cases. 

People with depressing mood could be seen while some people are happy for their release.

A man with full of happiness: he is former Navy officer and spent 5 years in jail.

She was sentenced 10 years imprisonment for a reason, making a phone call to her brother living outside Burma and needs just few months to reach original date of release.

U Zaw Win, Director General of Correction Department, is making response to news media.

 On the way back to home with own properties, after receiving an address from junta’s official at a hall in Insein prison; the junta official gave a thousand kyat (equivalent to US 90 cents) per person for travel costs.

A political prisoner freed in the amnesty spent for years behind the wall.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Families at front of Insein Prison are waiting for their family members with full of excitement though it is not yet sure on their expectations. They will feel great enjoyment when they see their people but ….

Ma Aeint Khine Oo, reporter: I will never remorse for the action that I did it because it should be, and I will continue my career as a reporter

Reporter Ko Kyaw Kyaw Thant (centre) and his friends and relatives:  he was sentenced to 7-year imprisonment and released 2-year after

U Win Myint, a film-man, released in the amnesty after spending 21 years behind prison wall. He was sentenced to death-sentence for making documentary film “Hlaing-gyi-lae-htan true story”.