USDA, Burmese Regime’s instrument charming public

USDA, Burmese Regime’s instrument charming public

Win Myat

March 10, 2009

Union Solidarity & Development Association (USDA), an instrument organization backed by Burmese regime, was found recently charming Burmese public with charity work such as organizing after school study group for high school students and offering of micro loan to small suburban community.

In some township areas, they had collected list of high school students to open free private tuition classes. One parent from Mayangone Township told that the USDA even handed out exam-spot – question and answer sheets to the students.

“According to the pressure of Burmese military junta, all the students were forced to join this association. It was considered as a must-follow rule”

He added.

The USDA officers were offering 10 of thousand of Kyats as a micro-loan to Burmese women residents in the township.

In 2010, Burmese junta was planning to stage another election and the USDA was used as an instrument by the Junta to attract the Burmese public to become their own voters, commented an editor from one local economist news journal.

“This time around, Burmese public has to be smart. Whatever presents and offering they provide, as long as it benefits to Burmese, let’s take it. But when the time comes for voting, then we can vote whatever following our heart and right path …”

He suggested.

It was not clear up until now that the USDA would be participating in 2010 election as a political party.