Electricity in Myalamyine cut off again before the exam

Electricity in Myalamyine cut off again before the exam

Win Myat

March 10, 2009

In last weekend, some high school students upset by the frequent disruptions of electricity had thrown stones as protest at local electricity station. But soon after the electricity was resumed immediately due to the protest, it was learnt that the lights were all off again starting last Monday.

          On the Saturday of last week, 7th March, 3 high school students tried to make a complaint at local police station stating that the power outage had made them impossible to study for their nearing exam and the police told them that it was related to local electricity station not to the police case.

          On that day at 10:30 pm at night, students riding 30 to 40 motor-bikes gathered at the township electricity office (called “PyiDawThar” power house) and threw stones as protest at the building according to one neighbor.

          “After their protest, the lights were resumed and also for the whole Sunday. But on Monday, all the power was cut off again …”

          He said.

          Normally in Mawlamyine, a major trading town gateway to southern part of Burma peninsular was used to 1 day of electricity for every 10 day period and the lights were on only for 3 to 4 hours on that day. It was hard for residence to recharge their inverter and battery while the power was on due to the limited short period. Some local vendors asked Kyats 1000 ( almost US 1.00 $) for one inverter battery charging service.