Attack in Sone Village, Myingyan Township, and Airstrike in Kyaukhtu Township

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – May 09 Scenes
MoeMaKa, May 10, 2024

Attack in Sone Village, Myingyan Township, and Airstrike in Kyaukhtu Township

On May 9, at 5:00 a.m., Sone Village in Myingyan Township, known as a Pyu Saw Htee village, was attacked by 14 joint revolutionary forces, including the Civilian’s Defense & Security Organization of Myaung (CDSOM), Mandalay District Battalion 5, Myingyan District Battalion 9, Myingyan Black Tiger (MBT), and several others, as reported by the Red News Agency.

The headline news featured the return of PDF troops from the battle at Sone Village, where they were welcomed by locals with symbolic victory flowers. Other reports stated that at least 32 villagers, including women and children, were killed and 14 injured by bombs. Sone Village is located near the Irrawaddy River, south of Myinmu, and is known to house Pyu Saw Htee militiamen who support the military council. The attack by around 200 armed PDF forces resulted in significant casualties among the villagers.

Villages supporting Pyu Saw Htee are primarily in the Sagaing Division, Upper Magway Division, and Mandalay Division. Incidents like the one in Sone Village are not isolated, with other notable attacks in places like Gangaw Township and Kanbalu Township. Photos of the deceased from the Sone Village attack, showing charred and unrecognizable bodies, circulated on military-backed Telegram channels, depicting middle-aged and elderly women, children, and others who appeared to have died from gunshot wounds or explosions.

Historical precedents exist for such violence. In the 1960s, during a conflict with the AFPFL government, the Red Flag Communist Party led by Thakin Soe killed 74 men in Sinswe Village, Htilin Township. Thakin Soe was later sentenced to death for this crime.

Since the 2021 military coup, most mass killings of civilians have been committed by military council troops. One of the earliest incidents involved the killing and burning of 40 people in Moso Village, Hpruso Township, Karenni State. Such atrocities must be documented, and perpetrators held accountable.

It is crucial for PDFs opposing the military council to avoid committing similar massacres. Incidents like the one in Sone Village, where civilians were killed by PDF forces, must be prevented. In Saw Town of Magway, six civilians were killed by People’s Defense Forces (YDF), who also looted their belongings.

Ensuring accountability and preventing such incidents is challenging due to the lack of authority and coordination among PDF groups. The NUG government’s Ministry of Defence (MOD), the leading revolutionary force in non-ethnic areas, may lack the capacity to enforce strict Rules of Engagement.

On May 9, about 20 people, including a priest, were killed when military council planes bombed Akyi Village monastery during a meeting. This attack is another example of the military council’s war crimes.

In summary, while both sides have committed atrocities, it is imperative that revolutionary forces maintain higher ethical standards and work towards holding perpetrators accountable to prevent future war crimes.

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