Zarny Win – Day One & Day Two for Burma


Day Two Task


          Tasks that can wait next day or so were called “Day Two” tasks. Educating on Health Care, Human Rights and Smooth Transition Process of a country were considered “Day Two” tasks. They were important but not as urgent as the “Day One” tasks.


Transitional Justice

          The words seemed stranger to most people but for some Burmese politicians in exile took this subject seriously from some institutions.

          There were countless lawless Burmese authorities who burnt down the whole villages, raped women, terrorize the community and imprisoned politicians and activists especially under the Burmese junta. They could be police, soldiers, town council-men and Junta’s backed thugs and so on. They could be hundred of thousands or more than a million.

          When Burma became a democratic state, the question would come to light, how we were going to deal with these criminals ranged to hundreds of thousand.

          If we were to prosecute them and send them to jail, we would need a lot of jail houses. Were they willingly accepting the justice falling upon them?

          If they were not put into court, the Burmese public would not be happy.

          Therefore, there should be a solution to accommodate both parties to accept some specifics. This is call – “Transitional Justice”.


Before too late


          Some scholars specializing on this issue said that we should not wait until the last minute to bring in this “justice issue” after getting democracy in a state while at the transitional process.

          If we did not prepare them in advance, there came blood-shed, revenge and rebellion which caused delay in reconstruction of a country, they told.

          They said that the earlier the better to prepare and be ready for the transition period.

          The examples were made from Chile, South Africa and Argentina where they transformed from dictators into democratic countries. There were some differences in finding solution and also in their cultures but still from these perspectives, they tried to find ways how should Burmese transit or transform in the near future.


Criticism & Excuse


          “Day One” people disliked those who would like to prepare for “transitional period”. They would only like to focus keenly on “Getting rid of Burmese regime” all together. However they did their complaint discreetly so that there’s no reaction from the “Day Two” people yet.

          If they were to make a statement back, they might say that there were already enough people working together with the “people-power” to topple the Burmese regime so that let them be more focused for the future of Burma in preparing one of many important issues awaits for them.