My Life Will Go On (2) by Junior Win

 (Portrait of me in 1984, by Paw Oo Thet (Artist).)

I started to write about my school life. I was opening my mind in specific. I recalled that I always did not have good marks in the examination. I could not show my best performance in the examination not only in mathematics, but also in all other subjects. But my parents never blamed me for my stupidity in the examination. Although I was working hard in my homework, or studied regularly, I could never reach the good mark. My twin brother was different. He was smarter, and more intelligent. I did not understand why I was so stupid. Let it be, that might lead my life to play something one day.

(We were twins, but he was smarter.) (Illstr; by Maung Yit – my twin brother.)
Important and Unimportant
     There’s a great difference of opinion between me and others on what is considered to be important. That is a factor which will play an important part in my academic life as well as my literary life. All my life the clash of opinions between me and those around me is predominant especially on what is considered to be important or not important. One may ask: what’s so important about thinking something to be important or not? There it is you see?
(”Some of the jury wrote it down `important,’ and some `unimportant.’ ...”)
(Artist; John Tenniel at Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll.)
        I always met the different points of views of me and the people around were always evident. Whenever I believed such things were important, they never thought that such things were as important as I believed. Whenever I thought such things were useless and unimportant, they considered such things were important and necessary for their life.
        I first noticed this clash of opinions when I was in the 5th standard (at my fifth-grade).  What happened was this: The teacher asked me a question, but before I could give the answer, someone in front gave the correct answer. It was not so loud, but both the teacher and I and my friends around me could hear it. So I answered nothing. I thought that if I answered, the teacher would think that I was simply repeating what I just heard. The teacher asked again. Still, I answered nothing. At that time I was blamed by my friends around me after the teacher left. I willingly accepted the teacher’s opinion that I was a stupid girl rather than one who copied the answer from others. When my friends said, ‘Did you hear the answer told by your friend in front of you?’, I answered, ‘Why not? That’s why I did not want to repeat it.’ All my friends did not understand me. They believed that answering correctly and getting a good impression of the teacher to be more important although the answer came from another.  
(‘Unimportant, Of course, I meant’ The king hastily said.)
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             Well, the time passed by. My opinions never change. Only the time and the place have changed. I met the same situation when I sat viva examination as a Master student in the University. This time, I would never happen to be blamed again by people around me. I made this stumbling block into stepping stone.