Medicine Night and the Eclipse of the Moon! (by Junior Win)

The full moon day of NatTaw(9th month of the Burmese Calendar)or 10th December of 2011 was also the medicine night according to the law of Astronomy. It so happened that at that time the full moon day of NatTaw, eclipses of the Moon occur. It meant that we could not see the Full moon on the day of full moon day? But after the eclipse of the Moon occurs, we could see the Full moon in the sky. So our time of medicine night might be exactly the time after the eclipses of the Moon.

Our neighbor gave us ‘Meizeli’ buds from their garden. We were believed that it gave good health when we ate at the night of full moon day of NatTaw. We were lucky to have Meizeli buds from our neighbor, because there were no more left at the market and Meizeli buds were out of sold now.

We were very excited to see the Eclipses of the moon in the sky of the full moon day. But the clouds were fully to be found in the sky. We could not see any star or other moonlike thing above. I read the article about it in the newspaper and it estimated that 7:15PM was the beginning of the eclipse of the Moon occurs and at 10:45PM was the time of ended eclipse of the Moon. It also said that Meizeli buds had to be eaten when the time of the Full moon appeared in the sky and by eating Meizeli buds at mid night were more effective for our health.

So, under the cloudy sky, I tried to take some photos of the eclipse of the Moon. We ate Meizeli buds dish when we saw the complete full moon in the night. I wrote about it in my diary and went to bed. Good night, our mother Moon.

(photo- Left – Meizeli Buds from our neighbor, photo – Right – the first photo I have taken the eclipse of the moon)