The Night that Zarganar returns, The Performance of Thee Lay Thee & Colorful Anyaint

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The Night that Zarganar returns, The Performance of Thee Lay Thee & Colorful Anyaint


January 5, 2009

          Recently, the famous Burmese troupe, “Thee Lay Thee & Colorful Anyaint” arrived US to perform the Burmese cultural shows. They had just launched the first performance in Los Angeles yesterday. It was organized by Burmese community organizer group, Mandalay Gazettes and Burmese families in LA. The Burmese audience who supported Burmese democracy struggle and freedom of expression eagerly attended the show almost full house, sources said.

          All tickets sold, the food and the fund raised sold would be given away to the troupe for their future programs and supporting their struggle for democracy and freedom of expression. It was seen as an exciting and cheerful charitable event.

          It was observed that the troupe originally founded by Burmese renowned activist-artist Zarganar, had not only came out with jokes and plays criticizing current Burmese political situation but also mentioned continuously of “Zarganar” as their mentor and given credit to his screen-writes and his songs while performing them. The Burmese audience was totally together with them cheering every performance, witness told.

          While together with thousands of Burmese political prisoners, Zarganar was being sentenced 59 years in jail, the art and the influence of Zarganar was traveling around the World freely. The Burmese audience had already regarded “Thee Lay Thee” as the mirror image of “Zarganar” and shown their support and love to the artist and the troupe. It was seen as a night that “Zarganar” returned back to us, said one the audience from the performance.

         Among the crowds, his wife and daughter were seen as attending the show and his son was in New York, as it was learnt.