New Year News on the Run – 7th Jan 2009



Recruiting candidates for 2010 Burmese regime’s election

          Sources said Junta was urging some politicians from parties left behind from 1990 multi-party election and also from members of some dissolved parties to register for 2010 regime backed election. One of the members of NLD who did not want to be named told that the request or a kind of friendly suggestion came from the local township authority where he currently resided. The regime hold one election in 1990 and later refused to hand over the power to people elected candidates by excusing themselves to rewrite the constitution.


Local authority playing game on hostel students in their neighborhood

          After major Universities were relocated by the regime after their coup to avoid the public connection with the students’ protests against the regime, most of the students were relying on the private hostels in these townships. It was learnt that the local authority were running as brokers to fix the prices and the rents of the private hostels causing unnecessary price inflation suffering the students’ tight budgets. Some commented that it also created unnecessary tension and unfriendly atmosphere between the local community and the students.


Kyo Pin Kauk Town became the town of Tay Zay, a crony of Burmese senior general

          Tay Za, one of the top crony business tycoons closed to Senior-General Than Shwe was now laying out plan to make regime backed 2010 election a success, sources told. One of his chosen townships for his candidates would be “Kyo Pin Kauk”, said one of the sources. His companies were rebuilding and upgrading the town and even increased the number of buses running to and from of Rangoon and Prome up to hundreds. The bus fare was reduced from 2500 Kyats to 1500, it was found. The next step would be delivering the electricity to town 24/7, some speculated.


Burmese authority collecting every house hold members list and their affiliation status with the junta’s supported groups

          The regime had ordered and enforced to keep the list of all family members in each and every house hold to check the where about of residence and guests visiting them as security measure since they took power in 1988. Now recently they had added more extra column in the list asking the residence to fill in their affiliation with the junta backed associations such as USDA, Swan Arr Shin, Women Alliance, Fire Fighters, Red Cross and some other like private security groups running for junta bidding.

          Residence had not only to fill in how many were gone overseas but also of the statistics of vehicles owned, Satellite-Dish, Internet Account, E-Mail Addresses and Phone Numbers they had with the family.